A sixer for Sampath.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Today's guest host proves he can cover all things from cricket to the latest business news.

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The week in review

To kick off the show, Andy looked back at an exciting week of news on Up To Speed. Follow the links below to check out any episodes you may have missed.

  • On Monday, we announced the expansion of our relationship with AWS to include Private Mobile Edge Computing for enterprise. Corning is the first company to use this. We also went live to three different Verizon store locations to talk about being there for our retail customers. Andy spent some time with retail operations leader Matt Carr in Chicago and we also checked in with our retail friends in California and Florida as well.
  • Tuesday, our friend Sravya Gajjala thought she was getting another one of those pesky robocalls, but it was actually Ronan Dunne on the other line letting her and all of us know about the power of Call Filter and all the ways we continue to stop those people asking about the warranty on our cars.
  • We had big news on Thursday’s episode, with the announcement of 5G Home coming to Milwaukee and Tampa. Plus, we learned about an exciting partnership between Verizon and Honda that is looking at the ways our 5G network can assist connected and autonomous vehicles to improve safety and avoid accidents.

Let’s get to know Sampath

Today’s guest host, Sampath, is a husband, father of two, Boston University grad (go Terriers!) and is dedicated to health and wellness. He brings a global perspective to every role, which has included leading multiple teams here at Verizon. He now serves as our Chief Revenue Officer for Verizon Business.

Sampath talked about his love of cricket and explained the game for those who aren’t familiar with it. He shared his excitement for our recently announced Private Mobile Edge Computing for enterprise and some potential use cases.

Sampath also shared the following Verizon Business Group (VBG) news:

  • Dreamscape - The company offers top VR applications which can now be combined with the power of our 5G Ultra Wideband network. Dreamscape focuses on industrial and educational applications, including use cases with many types of first responders.
  • BlueJeans - We have a new deal with the NBA’s Phoenix Suns to offer a fun second screen experience for fans. And last year, , BlueJeans did 3 million telehealth visits. Sampath sees this as a huge opportunity for expansion in the coming year.
  • Mobile Security Index - This research reveals how businesses are handling their mobile security. “We see that some have grown lax in this important area and we want to emphasize that no company, large or small, should let their guard down,” Sampath said.
  • Associated British Ports - Port of Southampton, we got one of the first 5G networks in a major port. With more inquiries in that area
  • Private MEC with AWS and Corning

Sampath also shared his hobby of studying one topic in depth that has nothing to do with work per year. He recently focused on the Italian Renaissance, a time when there were so many technological and cultural advancements, not unlike today.

This year, he is interested in studying the science behind genome research and gene editing. It’s interesting to Sampath to see how we might be able to improve our response time to generating vaccines to new viruses.

Sampath also described his current role as Chief Revenue Officer for Verizon Business. “Our three goals going forward are growth, growth and growth. And, by the way, did I mention growth?” joked Sampath. “Having the best team and the best asset makes me so excited about all of this.”

Ad Council

You may have seen our leaders taking to social media recently in support of the Ad Council’s Covid-19 Educational Campaign. Leaders like Hans Vestberg, Diego Scotti, and Tami Erwin are posting pictures of all the fun things they can’t wait to get back to like live concerts, sporting events and being in the office with VTeamers.

To support COVID-19 vaccine education, our leaders are tagging other V Teamers to raise awareness while remembering all the ways we will celebrate when restrictions are lifted and we can safely come together using the hashtag #TagYoureIN.

V Teamer sign off

Thanks to Paulo Pontin of Sao Paulo, Brazil, for submitting his wonderful sign-off video. Would you like to close out the show for us? We’d love to have you! Just take a short video on your phone and send it to good@verizon.com.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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