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There’s no doubt the past few weeks have been rough as millions of people have been impacted by natural disasters striking the country and the Caribbean. Verizon has been a helping hand to provide relief and network resiliency to those impacted.

As wildfires continue to rage in the Western United States, we’ve loaned more than 1,300 devices to first responder agencies and we’re currently supporting incident command centers in 11 states.

And, we’ve waived calling charges for our customers reaching out to loved ones in Haiti, so families can connect free of charge as relief efforts begin from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. For all of the details, visit our Emergency Resource Center.

Thanks to our Verizon Response Team or VRT for providing recovery and relief to our customers, communities and local/state/federal agencies during times of crisis. The VRT is made up of V Teamers and an assortment of impressive vehicles and equipment all part of the ‘Barnyard.’

The Barnyard houses equipment like THOR (Tactical Human Operations Response), COWs (Cells on Wheels), COLTs (Cellular Repeater on Wheels), GOATs (Generator on a trailer), HORSEs (HVAC on Road-side Equipment), HAWKs (High Altitude Wireless Kennawhat) and many other assets to respond to whatever is thrown at us.

As V Teamers, you can help too. You can donate to VtoV, our employee relief fund that financially assists displaced employees from fires, natural disasters and domestic violence.

Even in the most difficult of times, you can count on Verizon to run to a crisis to support our customers and communities. Thank you to our Verizon Response Teams and V Teamers who put the safety and comfort of those in need first.

Get the latest information on our Coronavirus Resource Page (Inside Verizon, The Street).

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