In a vacation state of mind?

By: Dave Boerger
Communications Strategist/Writer

Wherever you're headed this summer, we've got all the tech to keep you and yours smiling.

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As V Teamers, we love the work we do, but it’s also important to take breaks from time to time and recharge. So if you have vacation days, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use them.

As you head out on your summer trip, be sure to pack your 5G devices, as our network team has now hooked up 5G Ultra Wideband in 13 airports and 60 stadiums and arenas.

Don’t have a 5G phone yet? With our BI5GEST UPGRADE EVER promotion, you can get a select new 5G phone on us, with select trade-in and select Unlimited plans. And not only that, we’ll help cover the costs to switch and give you 6 months of great content like Disney+ on us.

Once on the road, one secret to maximizing fun is having the right accessories. Your kids can access that great Disney+ content if you have a Verizon Jetpack, which allows you to share your Verizon connection to multiple devices — including smartphones, tablets and notebooks — at home or on the go.

And speaking of your car, don’t forget to ‘Hum’ while driving. Hum by Verizon connects you to roadside help when you need it, gives you updates on your car’s health, provides location services, hands-free access to your Verizon mobile number and much more.

If you’re headed to the beach, the woods, or anywhere in between, be sure to pick up a Verizon 8K Portable Powerpack with Fast Charge to keep your devices powered up for hours at a time.

Don’t want to lose track of that Powerpack — or anything else? Put an Apple Airtag on it. Airtags help you find any lost object, whether it’s somewhere in your room or thousands of miles away.

And if you’re thinking about traveling internationally, be sure to take advantage of Verizon Travel Pass, which lets you use your domestic talk, text and data* in more than 185 countries for a set daily fee. That includes calling within the country you're visiting and you calling back to the U.S.

Above all, please remember to travel safely!

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About the author:

Dave Boerger is a part of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular contributor to Up To Speed. He's a recovering marketer and sitcom writer.

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