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From C-band tests in Texas to store openings in Chicago to hotspots wherever you travel, we've got a full news rundown.

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Happy Friday! On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear shared the latest updates and a look back at a very busy week:

Up To Speed Week In Review

Monday: Andy schooled all of you with a fun quiz as we explored back to school promotions and more.

Tuesday: The Up To Speed team shared some valuable work hacks. We received a lot of positive comments so if you haven’t checked it out, please do, especially if you have issues with too many tabs open or sending emails a moment too soon.

Thursday: We got to know past and present interns and heard some great advice on how to transition from college to career.

5G over C-band spectrum trial

We have exciting news from Texas, where Verizon and Samsung recently wrapped up a fully virtualized 5G data session in a test over C-band spectrum.

What does that mean? This was a test of cloud-based virtualization that has the power to transform communication technology as we know it, allowing us to deliver services like augmented reality, remote healthcare and autonomous robotics in manufacturing environments. In these trials, we achieved virtual-based speeds that matched traditional hardware-based equipment in a live network environment. That means, we’ll soon be able to leverage our C-band spectrum to expand and strengthen our 5G Ultra Wideband network for our customers.

We’ll have more information about what we’re doing with our C-band spectrum on Monday’s live episode of Up To Speed.

Staying connected on the road.

Heading out on America’s highways and byways this summer or fall? Verizon is launching four new mobile hotspot plans, giving you access to the data you need for work and play no matter where your travels take you.

The new mobile hotspot plans range from 15 GB to 150 GB per month, and the top three tiers (Plus, Pro and Premium) give you access to 5G Ultra Wideband, so you can stream more videos, send bigger files and browse the web at faster speeds. Rather than hope that the Airbnb or hotel you're staying at has stable WiFi, Verizon gives you the extra data you need to connect with those who matter most and work with a secure and reliable internet connection. So feel free to roam, knowing America’s most reliable network has your back.

And yes, this is a perfect complement to living out your #VanLife dreams.

A big Public Sector win

Let’s shout out our Public Sector team for landing a US Department of Defense contract worth nearly $79 million. Verizon will provide advanced network modernization services to the Air National Guard Readiness Center, allowing the network to expand to roughly 140 locations. The order expands Verizon’s existing partnership to include Internet Protocol (IP) voice services and managed network services to help the ANG achieve its mission.

New drone training program

Verizon Frontline recently announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind unmanned aerial system (UAS) — or drone — training program designed to enable members of the Verizon Response Team to support first responders with missions ranging from risk or damage assessment to search-and-rescue operations.

In defense of Dreamers

Hans has joined more than 90 CEOs in signing a letter urging Congress to pass a law offering a path to citizenship to young immigrants brought to the United States as children, known as Dreamers. The letter, addressed to President Biden and Congressional leaders, says in part:

“Securing a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers not only is the right thing to do, but is a huge economic benefit to the United States. The latest court ruling makes it all the more urgent that Congress take up and pass a legislative solution right away.”

Our own Olympic hopeful

V Teamer Allan Williams, who is on the MEC Product Management team for our Business Group, shared with us that his nephew Rai Benjamin finished high enough in his heat last night to move on to the semifinals in Tokyo for the men’s 400m hurdles! Congratulations to Rai. We will be watching and rooting for you this Sunday morning.

An Emmy nomination

Remember our powerful documentary called Not Done: Women Remaking America? Well, congratulations to filmmaker Dylan McGee and her team at Makers. The film has been nominated for an Emmy in the category of Outstanding Social Issue Documentary. And well deserved too. If you haven’t seen it, check it out at the link above.

Choose the best working mom and dad

This next story is not your typical contest. For the last 21 years, Verizon has been on the 100 Best Companies list compiled annually by the research firm Seramount, formerly known as Working Mother Media.

Later this year, Seramount will honor a Working Mom of the Year and a Working Dad of the Year from each of the 100 Best Companies. Who gets to choose the top working mom and dad from Verizon? You do! Click the link and you’ll get to read about the finalists, who were nominated by our ERG members.

Warning: You may tear up reading about them because each is so wonderful and deserving in their own way. Make sure you vote for your favorite Working Mom and Dad by midnight Friday, August 6.

A conversation on disability

As we start to close out Disability Pride month, Diana shared a clip from a conversation Ronan recently had with Caroline Casey, CEO and Founder of The Valuable 500, an organization focused on amplifying disability inclusion on a global scale.

“At Verizon,” Ronan explained, “within our reach is the ability to create not only a connected world but an accessible one, and our continued commitment to advancing disability inclusion is infused in every aspect of our business.”

Signoff from the Windy City

Today’s signoff came from our friends at our new retail store in Cicero, IL, in suburban Chicago. The store opened to the public just a couple of weeks ago. The team is clearly a spirited bunch and excited to tell our customers about the latest in tech, our powerful network and all things Verizon 5G. As SVP of Consumer Sales Sean Lee noted on Instagram yesterday, it’s just the latest example of how we continue to show up where and when our customers need us most. Thanks to Cicero-based Solutions Specialist Miguel Ortiz for wrapping up today’s episode.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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