One phish, two phish, don’t-let-it-be-you phish.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Our Information Security team shares the latest strategies for staying cyber healthy.

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A critical issue for all of us: Cybersecurity.

You may like fishing, but you should stay away from phishing. That’s because the latter is a ploy used by cyber criminals to trick you into sharing your private information.

Today’s episode of Up To Speed focused on all aspects of our cyber health, including a new campaign that aims to change the way we think about cybersecurity. To learn more, Andy spoke with members of our Information Security and Learning & Development teams: Carlos Ramirez, Dave Tarbet, Denise Flory, Earl Kellner and Miguel Reynoso. The team shared security tips and good habits that we can all use to stay cyber healthy.

They also discussed why this topic is so critical for a company like ours. “For us, security is even more important because we offer professional services to customers,” said Dave Tarbet, Senior Manager of Security Risk Management. “Each of us has to be very engaged to make sure that we protect our security, so that we don’t damage our reputation and our ability to serve our customers who rely on us.”

Make sure you check out the Learning Portal and VZWeb to find out more about being cyber healthy.

Andy shared a clip of Business Group CEO Tami Erwin speaking to enterprise customers about our Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) and our Mobile Security Index. “As we’ve all been pushed towards accelerated digital transformation, end-to-end security has become even more critical,” she said. “Think about it, security breaches are one of the chaotic and disruptive and chaotic events that can happen to a company. The impact is far reaching, diminishing the confidence of shareholders, employees and customers, and ultimately impacting your brand reputation and bottom line.”

Did you know that our DBIR is the most comprehensive look into the world of data breaches anywhere? We’ve analyzed more than 32,000 security incidents, of which nearly 4,000 were confirmed breaches from over 80 global contributors. And our Mobile Security Index brings together security results from more than 800 practitioners and data sets and insights from 11 contributing partners -- all leaders in the field.

Next 20 series premiere

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary as a company, be sure to check out the premiere of Next 20, a series highlighting conversations about race, social justice, technology, and business that will define our next 20 years. Episode one focuses on criminal justice reform, hosted by our own Marquise Francis of Yahoo News. Check out the premiere at 3 PM ET/12 PM ET on our Up To Speed Twitter page.

This year’s Your Voice Matters participants announced

Congratulations to the new members of the Consumer Group’s Your Voice Matters team. The 131 participants were selected from more than 2,000 applications. Over the next six months, this group will help gather front-line feedback, which will help shape business decisions in the years to come.

VZPulse+ survey coming soon

Christy mentioned it on Monday: Keep your eyes open for VZPulse+, a special employee Pulse survey coming later this quarter. This Pulse benchmarks results against companies around the world through Gallup and includes enhanced training. As always, employee participation is critical. VZPulse+ is a survey you’re going to want to be a part of. More details coming later this month.

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