Growth, growth, growth.

By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

Hans and Christy share updates – including VZPulse+ survey results – from the June Leadership Forum.

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On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Andy Choi was joined by CEO Hans Vestberg and Chief Human Resources Officer Christy Pambianchi from the Verizon Leadership Forum in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Hans and Andy Choi kicked things off by welcoming the 422 interns who started at Verizon this week. “We are so excited to have you be part of the V Team,” said Hans.

Hans also talked about how he has been going around the country, visiting stores, thanking the frontline employees — including our network engineers and technicians — for their service over the past 18 months.

Hans reiterated that our company-wide focus remains on growth, growth and growth. He touched on The BI5GEST Upgrade Ever promotion, 5G Home and the work done on the gaming front — all showing that our customers will continue to get the best networks and the best experiences.

VZPulse+ survey results

Hans thanked all of the V Teamers who completed the VZPulse+ survey. Once again, we saw outstanding participation. More than 113,000 V Teamers (87%) shared their feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to go from great to fantastic. We exceeded participation from the last VZPulse+ in 2020.

Christy shared key insights from the survey results, including strong positive feedback in employees having conversations about their career progress, having a best friend at work, receiving recognition and overall engagement.

V Teamers also remain confident in their leaders and feel a strong sense of inclusion, putting us in the top quartile compared to other companies in Gallup’s database.

Overall, the results represent a testament to our efforts to ensure employees feel a sense of purpose and connection to their work.

Final thoughts

Hans talked about the balancing act we need to do: Serving our customers and shareholders while at the same time attending to the social needs of society. “What we stand up for is our core values,” said Hans. “We stand for diversity and inclusion — and we’ll continue to have those conversations — because it makes us a stronger company.”

Helping our friends in India

Andy shared a slide that showed our company-wide commitment to helping those in need. Our donations to help V Teamers impacted by the pandemic crisis in India totaled $895k. This included a direct Verizon donation of $100k as well as the employee donation of $265k, which was double-matched by Verizon for an additional $530k. Well done!

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