Sunny with a chance of Cloud.

By: Jessica Bonardi

Verizon Cloud Unlimited: Save your videos, photos, files and more.

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On today’s Up To Speed, Jess Bonardi and Jess Everett discuss the Verizon Cloud and the benefits of the Verizon Cloud Unlimited plan.

It’s scary to think, but many are not actively backing up their devices. That means hundreds or even thousands of important photos, videos and digital documents could be lost at any time.

The solution? The Verizon Cloud is offering UNLIMITED storage for your phones, laptops and tablets. And the “unlimited” part is legit. You get unlimited storage with continuous backup for phones and computers. And not only that, you can use it to back up an unlimited number of compatible devices.

The new Unlimited option is only $19.99 a month, which is a tremendous value. In addition, you get the first month on us.

Note: The employee discount for EPP V Teamers is 50% percent off.

As a reminder for our long-time Cloud customers, now is a good time to check out your options and upgrade to a new plan.

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