Save your photos.

Give yourself peace of mind. Add Verizon Cloud to save a copy of photos, videos, and docs on your phone and computer to the cloud in their original form.

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Change phones
with ease.

Save your contacts, original size photos, videos and more for easy transfer to your next mobile device.

Easy to search and share.

Rediscover favorite memories with Cloud's advanced searching tools. Share easily with friends, family and social media.

Keep important things private.

Safeguard sensitive content license, passport, photos, video with the pin-protected Private Folder.

Share with your account.

Add an account-level Cloud plan to share 2 TB storage with everyone on your account. Includes a Shared Folder for easy photo sharing without the complications of social media.

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$5/mo $9.99/mo $12.99/mo
Original size photo,
video, song, document and
contacts storage.
500 GB 1 TB 2 TB
Lines covered. 1 Line 1 Line All lines on the
Shared Folder.

Original size photo,
video, song, document
and contacts storage.

Lines covered.

Shared Folder.


Relive memories from the past year with weekly photo flashbacks.

Create movies & customize photos.

Make masterpieces with music, filters and fun stickers to share.

Make one-of-a-kind gifts from your photos, including phone cases, wall decor, photo books and holiday cards.

Verizon Cloud

Access your content from different
devices or operating systems.


Data usage applies to download / use of Verizon Cloud app, depending on the terms of your data plan.
Contacts-only storage is free for all Verizon Cloud users. Contacts do not count against storage limit.
Individual storage consumption will vary based on other factors including, but not limited to: your backup and upload patterns.

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