From iPhone deals to virtual treasure hunts, see all the ways our customers can score. Plus, a full news rundown.

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Happy Friday to all! On today’s Up To Speed Live, host Diana Alvear shared the following updates:

Weekly recap

Monday: We were live with the fabulous Wendy Taccetta talking Small Business Days and shoe cams.

Tuesday: We updated you on Hurricane Nicholas and how we’re still on the ground in Louisiana assisting with Hurricane Ida recovery efforts.

Wednesday: Andy gathered thirteen apples to help share the news of our fabulous deals on the new iPhone 13 models from Apple. Please note that those deals have since been further sweetened. More information below.

Thursday: We introduced you to Carrie Reinhardt, a V teamer who received a phone call from her brother that likely saved her life. Thank you Carrie for sharing your story and we encourage everyone who should get a colonoscopy.

Our updated deals on the newest iPhones

As you heard Andy discuss on Wednesday, Verizon is the place to get all things Apple and that includes the best deal on new iPhone 13s. You can pre-order yours starting today here.

Check out how excited Senior Vice President of Consumer Sales Sean Lee and our retail friends are for pre-order day.

A hunt for real treasure

Speaking of iPhones, on September 18, we’re launching Hidden 13, a first-of-its-kind audiovisual treasure hunt. Customers can use any iPhone to snap a QR code on nearby signage and enter the immersive AR experience. Once inside, they can explore larger-than-life art, listen to Halsey’s new track, “Darling,” all while searching for the #Hidden13. By sharing on Twitter, customers will have a chance to win the newest iPhone. Make sure to share this cool customer giveaway on your social handles.

Business Transformation

One of the main objectives of Verizon 2.0 was to streamline and improve our operations to more effectively serve our customers. The Global Network & Technology Business Transformation Office was formed to spearhead initiatives that can drive efficiencies across the business. V Teamers play a key role in finding areas to improve how we operate. And this process has been working! The Business Transformation team has been involved with more than 300 different initiatives that have accounted for more than $1.3B in savings year-to-date.

Here’s just one example: “My team and I are responsible for identifying and optimizing IT costs that occur outside of the Global Technology Solutions organization.'' said Chris Rochester, Senior Manager of Program and Project Development. “We’ve been able to realize $50 million in annual expense reductions, from utilizing our IT centers of excellence, renegotiating contracts and driving enterprise-wide standards.”

Congrats and thanks to everyone who has helped with these initiatives.

Hispanic Heritage month

Hispanic Heritage month kicked off on Wednesday. If you aren’t familiar with SOMOS, it’s our Latinx employee resource group with more than 4,000 members. With the slogan ‘One family. Many cultures,’ the group comes together to learn, share experiences and have fun. With a whole month of exciting events and activities planned, now is the perfect time to check it out.

Next Tuesday, September 22, check out ‘Tu Carrera, Tu Cultura,’ a professional development seminar featuring Chief Empowerment Officer Oscar Garcia on how we can leverage the Latinx culture. On September 28, SOMOS will present the Latinx History Loteria, an interactive Mexican-style bingo game.

Also, ‘Enterate con Verizon’ will be back on September 29 with the theme ‘El Poder de Ser Latino’ or The Power of Being Latino. To close off the month, Ronan will host a panel on first-generation immigrants with SOMOS V Teamers on October 15.

Finally, if you want to get to know the man behind the voice, check out the interview with the one and only Andres Cantor. He’s the iconic soccer announcer who has the famous yell of “Gooooooooaaaaal!” after every score.

Apartment Therapy

Are you looking to spruce up your home this fall? We’ve got you covered. This weekend, we’re partnering with Apartment Therapy for this year’s Makeover Madness. Verizon 5G Home Internet and Apartment Therapy are devoted to helping people make the most of their spaces, showcasing 5G Home’s unmatched connectivity offerings using Apartment Therapy’s expertise in home projects, DIY, design, decor, and more. Catch the Makeover Madness event on TikTok beginning this Saturday at 11AM ET.

Speaking of 5G Home, one Denver customer is thrilled to have the new service. Sue Marek says she was also delightfully surprised to find the setup super easy. It took her less than 30 minutes to install and the hardest part was simply deciding where to put the antenna. Sue, welcome to the 5G Home family!

Ship shape

Did you know that right now there is a former cruise ship in the New Orleans harbor temporarily housing roughly 1,600 people displaced by Hurricane Ida? The ship had satellite connectivity, but needed a 5G installation provided by our team to support the substantial increase that comes with supporting passengers in a stationary location for an extended time. We also did installation work on a rooftop near the harbor to help members of FEMA stay connected via 4G and 5G radio.

That’s us, always helping and always helping the helpers. Thanks to the Verizon Response Team for running to a crisis, whether by land or by sea.

Stay tuned Monday for a live episode with host Andy Choi. Until then, have a great weekend.

If you have any questions, email them to live@verizon.com.

Click here for a transcript of the webcast.

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