By: Andy Choi
Manager - Corporate Communications

On today's Up To Speed, we welcome three new 5G MEC cities. Plus, more on the new documentary from MAKERS, NOT DONE: Women Remaking America.

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On today’s episode of Up To Speed, Andy shared the following updates.

More 5G MEC cities

You’ve seen Hans on stage with our friends at AWS, and the collaboration continues. We’re adding 5G Edge with AWS in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and New York City. This is in addition to Boston and the Bay Area (CA), with plans for five more cities by year’s end. Developers and businesses can now build new latency-sensitive applications with AWS Wavelength and Verizon’s 5G Edge, transforming industries from broadcasting to security.

But wait, there’s more. Today, we also launched our Verizon 5G Edge Blog. Check out our inaugural post in which Srini Kalapala, VP of Global Technology, takes a look at how 5G actually works to deliver ultra-low latency experiences.

Wait, we’re NOT DONE.

Verizon is proud to share the trailer for MAKER’S ‘NOT DONE,’ a documentary celebrating how far we've come in the women's movement while acknowledging there is still work to do. Mark your calendars for the premiere on PBS on October 27 at 8 PM ET (check local listings).

This film is the first project supported by our Future Fund, a $5 million commitment to support new and emerging female talent across entertainment and technology.

For more information on MAKERS and NOT DONE, visit Yahoo Life and follow @MAKERSwomen on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at

Resilience 2020

If “pandemic” is the word that defined the first half of 2020, then “resilience” may well define the second half. Resilience 2020 is a town hall event from MAKERS, BUILT BY GIRLS, and Cashay addressing the current landscape and how we can build confidence during an incredibly unpredictable time. Conversations will cover the new normal and how we’re adapting to its impact on a range of topics from our personal lives to education to activism to business.

The event will be livestreamed this Thursday, September 24, at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. You can sign up here.

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