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Smart Family


Smart Family gives parents tools to help monitor device usage and location for lines designated as child lines.

Smart Family allows parents to set time restrictions, trusted contacts, and purchase and usage limits for each device on a parent’s account and allows family members to locate each other's devices. For lines designated as child lines on parents’ accounts, parents can also set content filters, pause the internet, and monitor call and text activity, website browsing and app activity, and driving behavior and events.

Smart Family’s privacy practices are covered by Verizon’s Privacy Policy as well as the practices described here. In the event of a conflict between the two policies, the practices described in this policy govern when parents and children are using Smart Family services.

Read Verizon’s Privacy Policy

Information Smart Family collects and how it is used.

Information Smart Family collects from parents. Smart Family collects information when parents set up Smart Family services for the lines on their account, including name and photo, trusted contacts, time restrictions, purchase and usage restrictions and content filters parents set for these lines. Parents also have the option of providing the child’s name, age, and photo. We also collect information when parents use Smart Family services, including approximate device location from the wireless network. When parents download and use the Smart Family parent app, we may also collect identifiers and precise geolocation from the parent’s device. If the parent turns on driving activity monitoring, the Smart Family parent app also collects motion data.

Information Smart Family collects from lines designated as child lines (including children under 13). We collect approximate location from the wireless network; cellular call and text activity and network usage; and mobile device info, such as phone number and device identifiers for devices that parents identify as a child line in the Smart Family parent app. When parents download the Smart Family companion app on a child’s device, we may also collect additional device identifiers, device type, app version, IP address, information from the contact list, app activity, precise geolocation and motion activity including driving data described below. When parents set up the Smart Family Virtual Private Network (VPN) on a device designated as the child line, we may also collect information about websites and apps launched on that device. When parents set up content filtering on a child line, the Smart Family companion app will access the device’s IP address and the websites and apps requested by the companion device. 

When parents set up driving activity monitoring on a child line, parents may designate a child as a driver or passenger and we will collect driving data, such as trip route and distance, top speed, braking, accelerating, cornering, and potential crash events. If parents designate a child as a driver, in addition to the driving data described above, we will also collect device usage while in a moving vehicle, and use driving data to calculate a driving score. 

For mobile devices on the Verizon network, we also collect an E-911 address for emergency response.

The precise geolocation we collect from parents and designated child lines and other information we collect concerning designated child lines, is sensitive personal information under some state laws.

We use the information we collect to deliver, maintain and support Smart Family services and for analytics. We do not use information collected from or about designated child lines for targeted advertising purposes.

We do not collect more information from designated child lines than is reasonably necessary to render Smart Family services. Smart Family does not enable users of child line devices to make their personal information publicly available.

Information we share.

We disclose personal information and sensitive personal information to vendors who work on our behalf. These vendors may use personal information disclosed to them only for purposes related to providing Smart Family services to parents and families. We do not sell or share information collected by Smart Family or information from or about designated child lines for any other purpose.

Parent choices and controls.

When setting up Smart Family services, parents are asked to provide consent for the Smart Family app to collect information from designated child lines including geolocation; call and text activity and data usage; mobile telephone number; device identifiers, device type, app version, and IP address; child name, age and photo; contact lists; web browsing and app activity; and E-911 address. Parents who choose to turn on driving activity monitoring are also asked to provide consent for the Smart Family app to collect location data, device motion sensor data and phone usage data for purposes of providing trip details and crash detection. 

Driving activity monitoring can be turned off from the settings menu inside the companion app on the child’s device. 

Precise geolocation permissions can be revoked in the device location settings on parents’ or the child’s device. Parents can also prevent Smart Family from collecting information about the child device’s  contact list and app activity using the device settings for the Smart Family app. 

When the VPN is uninstalled from the child’s device, some web browsing and app activity monitoring services are disabled, but screen time information may still be collected if the child device uses an Android operating system and the Android device settings permit it. Parents can disable web and app activity, and screen time monitoring by Smart Family  by uninstalling the Smart Family Companion app from the child’s device. 

Parents can revoke consent at any time, and the app’s precise device geolocation, and web, app and driving activity monitoring services will not be available within Smart Family for those child lines, although approximate device location from the wireless network will continue to be used. Parents may also review the device information, geolocation, web browsing and app activity, contact list and driving data that has been collected from designated child lines. For more information or assistance with these choices, you can contact us at 

Parents may choose to share device location with each other or with all Smart Family members. Parents can view or change their location sharing choices in the Smart Family app or in My Verizon.

Your Rights Under State Laws.

You may have additional privacy rights under state privacy laws. You can read more in the full privacy policy.

Last Update: December, 2022