The smart device allows loved ones to create and share immersive experiences in stunning 4K.

Want to make a memory? Take a photo. Want to make family vacation or a weekend away with friends even more memorable? You’re going to need something extra.

The Samsung Gear 360 shoots spherical 360-degree videos in 4K resolution—that’s four times the resolution of standard HD—which means you can frame your loved ones boldly from every angle. And because it’s portable, water-resistant and ideal for handheld or mounted shooting, you can take it anywhere and capture any group excursion in ultra-high-definition.

This home-video revolution understandably has the tech press buzzing. Here, a handy four-point breakdown of why the Gear 360, available from Verizon, is perfect for your next great adventure.

1. It’s up for anything

From skydiving to carnival rides to a day at the beach, the Samsung Gear 360 captures every inch of the experience with dual wide-angle lenses, allowing you to relive the magic in stunning panorama. “Friends and family who can’t make the hike up the mountain can now experience more than what a simple photo shows them,” writes ZDNet.

The Gear 360 also goes where other cameras can’t, certified against shock, dust and splashes, so you can try it on raging whitewater or a lazy river. “It’s basically dust- and spray-proof,” notes Stuff. “You should [also] be fine using it in a rain shower.”

2. It travels light

Lugging a camera case up a mountain or even to a family picnic isn’t always ideal, so the Gear 360’s portability is a plus. The device doesn’t take up much room when packed in a suitcase and, best of all, it can be used with or without an accompanying smartphone, which means at least one free hand. “A lot of folks look at a 360 camera as something you use with a smartphone—and some competing models require a smartphone to work,” says, “[but] the Gear 360 can be used as an autonomous recording device.” And video quality? It’s “the best we’ve seen from a consumer-oriented 360 degree camera,” the editors note.

Ease of use is also a Gear 360 strong point. Just grip it and go or opt for a completely hands-free, tripod-assisted shot. “I liked that I could use the Gear 360 independently of my phone,” a reviewer at Tom’s Guide writes. “Having to connect the two and then launch an app takes a lot away from the spontaneity of the moment”

3. It knows the value of sharing

From the people showing up in frame to the people living vicariously through them, the ability to share videos quickly and easily is essential for any 360-degree camera. The Gear 360 features an easy-to-use app for iOS and Galaxy devices that enables previews, edits, downloads and posts to select social media accounts, all from your smartphone. “Maybe it’s the holiday of your dreams, an important birthday or the wedding of the year,” says Tech Radar. “The Gear 360 will make sure those who can’t make something in person can get the closest, most realistic experience possible.”

4. It’s firmly grounded in (virtual) reality

For another way to experience the outdoor concerts, hikes and sporting events you capture, pair the Gear 360 with the Samsung Gear VR headset (sold separately) for an immersive memory everyone can share. CNET calls it “some of the best spherical video you can get from a consumer-grade 360-degree camera right now,” which makes it an ideal “companion to complete the Gear VR picture.”


Pass it around at the next family gathering, relive the happy moments and consider how far you’ve come from the days of the dull living room slideshow.

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