Samsung Galaxy Watch3 45mm45mm



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Manage your day in style with Galaxy Watch3. This fully customizable smartwatch is ready for anything life throws your way. With over 50,000 watch faces available for both Android and iOS,1 3 popular finishes and a collection of interchangeable bands, you can design a timepiece that's as unique as you are. Call, text, receive notifications, stream music and pay right from your wrist with LTE connection. Track your latest fitness routine, monitor your wellness, and set new personal bests with health monitoring features that provide advanced insights.2 And for those who are on the go, the long-lasting battery will last all day on a single charge3 live life smarter with Galaxy Watch3 and Verizon, America's most awarded network.



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Pleased with Purchase

Kevin - 1 day ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I'm four days in with the watch and I'm very satisfied with the upgrade from my Gear S2. Samsung has added some nice features to the health options, and improved an alreay good excercise capability. In addition they've also added features to manage power, make the payment interface really simple, and improved connectivity and control with the phone and/or other devices. So far, I'm really enjoying it and my only complaint is with so many watch choices, I can't find my former Gear S2 classic watch face. They've bumped the memory on the Galaxy Watch3 to 8GB. I've put about 275 songs on the watch, and am at 4.9 of 8GB used. I assume apps and system software are using a portion of that; so, I estimate I could get 600 - 750 songs on the watch if desired. The watch can control the phone player and media, play its own content, or play through a connected headset when you're out without your phone. I even paired the watch with my wife's Dodge Caravan and played the watch's content through the car speakers. A number of reviews complain of battery life. If you use the watch solely in the LTE mode, disconnected from the phone, and you're not in a high signal area, then battery life is about a day. If you use the battery optimize feature, which turns off all radios, except bluetooth, the watch will go 2 - 3 days with light use and easily 2 days with moderate use. I optimized my power and went two full days and still had a half day left when I put it on the charger. I used it for two 35 - 40 minute exercise periods, 2 hours of music playing, 15 - 20 minutes disconnected from the phone to test the LTE connectivy, and used it regularly as I was exploring the features. The LTE radio will automatically turn on when needed, and NFC (for payment), will automatically turn on, when Samsung Pay is accessed. So, there is no reason to keep these radios on all the time. If you're traveling and away from home/charger, you can turn on power saving mode and get a functional watch, which can make calls, present notifications, and track steps for 5+ days. Put it in watch only mode and you'll get two weeks of use (of course then it's not a smart watch). 340mA of power isn't a alot (your cell phone has 8 - 9x that and only gets 1 - 2 days). The Bixby voice assistant is a little slow starting up. Given I don't use a voice feature often this would further inhibit my use, as I use voice for convenience, and waiting for the watch to start the app isn't convenient. Still, if I was driving and needed to save a quick reminder or record a voice note, that would be useful. So, in summary, Samsung has done a great job with the new watch. They need to keep the weight management feature in Samsung Health, and they need to get the certification for BP measurement. With those the watch would be

Love this watch

Jim17 - 17 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

This is my second Galaxy watch purchased through Verizon. This smart watch is amazing. I get many compliments on the round face and look. Great battery life and connection to my LG phone. I recommend it highly!

Watch is great, Verizon just seems t mess up everything

H8Verizon - 19 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Watch is great, Wish it was Android and not Tizen. Was a tooth pull getting it setup right though.

24 Hours Later

BolesAuto - 6 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Setup was much easier than expected. Pairing takes a few minutes so be patient. The watch functions very well. Adding music takes a little while to transfer but isn't terrible. I am concerned about one thing.....battery life. Playing with a new gadget, it is expected to burn through power. Yesterday I loaded music and images, surfed Instagram, called a few people, and had a few text convos. For about an hour I listened to music via my headphones. I assumed this was what drained the battery to 5%. Today will be the real test as I do not intend to push it so hard. We'll see how the batter does.

Improved designed, New health & EKG apps, and 8gb memory but worse battery lifetime Then the Galaxy watch 2

Russ - 1 day ago

I have previously owned the galaxy watch 1 and 2. For the galaxy watch 2 the Battery lifetime over two days before I would have to charge it. Unfortunately the galaxy watch 3 seems to only last a little under a day. I knew going in that Samsung had reduce the battery size slightly, possibly to make room for the extra storage capability. I did not expect such poor Battery performance for the galaxy watch 3. I went through and setup the watch setting identically to the galaxy watch 2 to ensure I was getting an accurate comparison between the battery life on the two watches. I experienced the battery lifetime far less than I had on the galaxy watch 2. So despite my being impressed with the overall design and application improvements made with the new watch my recommendation would be wait for the next generation Galaxy watch to come out. Outside of the battery performance issue I’m very happy with the watch. I hope that the galaxy watch 4 would improved the battery lifetime. I feel that the battery lifetime going backwards is a big negative in the new design such that I’m only giving a two stars under design.

Response from Samsung - 4 months ago

Hello, Russ. Thank you for the great feedback. Samsung is always looking for ways to improve our products and services. These are really great points to look into. ^Kayla Samsung

Overheats and shuts down when using LTE 5-6 minutes into a call

Michael No Last Name - 1 day ago

I bought this watch and tried out the LTE functionality. The watch would overheat, end the call, show an overheating message and disconnect from the LTE within 5 to 6 minutes each time i tried to have a phone conversation. LTE mode seems to deplete the battery very fast. I ended up returning the watch. It could be i got a defective watch, but i see overheating as an issue with the original Galaxy Watch as well

1. Supported on both Android and iOS.
2. This device and related software are not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease.
3. Based on average battery life under typical usage conditions. Average expected performance based on typical use. Actual battery life depends on factors such as network, features selected, frequency of calls, and voice data, and other application usage patterns. Results may vary.
4. Trip detection recognizes falls when engaged in dynamic motion, not when still. Requires network connection to notify emergency contact. GPS accuracy may be affected by obstructions to satellite signal such as buildings.
5. Works with Qi compatible Samsung devices (compatibility with non-Samsung Qi devices not guaranteed); speed and power efficiency of charge varies by device.
6. This device passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against a subset of 10 specific conditions, including drops from 4.9 feet, extreme temperatures, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude.
7. Water-resistant up to 50 meters per ISO standard 22810:2010. Not intended for scuba diving. Avoid excessive, sudden temperature changes and high-velocity activities. Rinse in fresh water/dry after use in sea water or chlorinated water.
8. Requires Samsung SmartThings setup with compatible smart devices.
9. Samsung Pay is not available on iOS smartphones. After initial setup, Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch3 can make at least five transactions without reconnecting to a network. Samsung Pay on Galaxy Watch3 requires network connection through LTE or Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth pairing with compatible smartphone. Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch3 is only compatible with select cards, carriers, and Samsung devices and non-Samsung Android phones. Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch3 is compatible only with NFC-type payment terminals.