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Care Smart watch is an easy-to-use smartwatch designed for seniors. With features like streamlined calling and texting, text-to-speech, reminder settings, and one-button emergency contact calling,1 this device helps seniors stay connected and puts family members' minds at ease. Using the Care Smart app2 caregivers can add up to 10 trusted contacts3 as well as manage useful things like medication reminders and location alerts. A large easy-to-read display, simple navigation and pre-set text replies make Care Smart a trusted, everyday companion that seniors and caregivers can rely on. Stay connected with your loved ones with the Care Smart watch and Verizon, America's most awarded network.



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You wiuld rarely find where is your love one is

Simon67 . 1 month ago

We bought it for 90 yers old mom. it takes many minutes to refresh and it does not show acurate location . We lives 6 miles from New York in very populated suburb with good reception. But location this watch often show is over one mile circle

Not Dependable as GPS

Carolyn . 3 months ago

I bought this 6 weeks ago to use as a gps for my husband who has dementia, thought if he left home it would alert me. But 3/4 of the time the app refresh just spins forever and it cant find the watch. Completely useless if it wont work half the time. I've been with Verizon for 20 years and they wouldn't even return it.

The Verizon Care Smart Team - 3 months ago

Hi Caroline. We would like to look into your issue and see if we can troubleshoot and resolve. Please contact us at Also, it may be of interest for you, if your husband is able to use some basic functions on a full-fledged smartwatch, that there is a Care Smart solution that works with Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel watch. You can learn more about it here:
1. Only one designated emergency contact can be called, which must be created during setup.
2. Data usage applies for app download and use.
3. Numbers must be registered through the Care Smart App. Care Smart watch permits up to nine contacts in addition to the primary registered caregiver.
4. Dependent on carrier coverage. Device must be turned on. Consent to location tracking is required during pairing; the watch will receive notifications about location tracking 24 hours after pairing is complete, and at 30-day intervals thereafter. These notifications let wearers know that their location is being shared with their Trusted Contacts. Verizon makes no representations or warranties about the availability or accuracy of the GPS or about the accuracy or completeness of any map data or other information.