Verizon GizmoWatch

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The GizmoWatch is the fun and kid-friendly smartwatch designed with your child's safety in mind. Automated alerts and a GPS locator¹ provide independence while still keeping you in the know. Get your child excited about exercise using the step tracker, set on-screen notifications and program up to 10 trusted contacts² for 2-way voice calls and messaging. Durable, waterproof³ and easy to use, the GizmoWatch comes with the consistently fast speeds from the nation's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network.



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Update on specifics...

Paul Dalangpan - 3 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Please see my original review for general detail, but to help the prospective buyer more, I'd like to offer additional details. 1. This is in fact a phone. That mean you can make and received phone calls. The call clarity is excellent. The mic works very well and the speaker, which can easily be adjusted, can be too loud. There is a maximum number of persons that can contact your child a vice versa: 10, to include you, the guardian. 2. Text messaging, on YOUR phone, not the child's watch/phone, can only be done through the GizmoHub app. It's slightly cumbersome, but still easy to use. The best thing about this is that messaging is almost perfectly instant; very fast, almost real time. Lag can only be measured in mili-seconds. On the other end at the watch/phone, your child can ONLY send preset text messages to contacts the guardian adds AND designates as "Care Giver" or "Guardian." All other contacts designated as "Buddy" can only make calls. 3. Emojis are preset, meaning that although they are plentiful for your child to express, you as the guardian can not add more. 4. Text messages send from the GizmoWatch are initially preset, but can easily be edited/created by the guardian via the GizmoHub app. 5. When you add a contact on the GizmoHub app, you have to send the invitation automatically generated after adding contact to the person. The GizmoHub app generates a phone-number-specific invitation for the new contact created. The invitee must then use ONLY that specific link in order to connect to your child. 5. No battery life or charging issues. Terrific. Don't lose the charger though as those are proprietary and can not be found in the open market. 6. There is not an alarm clock function. Period. Now, there is a daily "To Do" list the guardian can generate, and the child can mark each item off, but there is not a way to set a time for when a given task is to be completed. It's literally just a list. 7. Location proximity alarm is limited to a 700' radius, meaning that so long as your child is within a 700' radius of a given location that the guardian sets, there will be no alarm. Here's a major catch: there is only a two hour window for which the alarm can go off. For example, your child could be at school for eight hours, but, the location alarm will only go off within a two (2) hour window that the guardian picks. To be clear, you can ALWAYS track location of the GizmoWatch irregardless of any alarm limits, but the actual alarm will only go off within a two hour window.

Great for Seniors!

Santamonicajane - 6 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Verizon is missing the bet not tapping into the much larger market than the kid demographic. My 86 yo husband could not learn to use a cell phone. But he loves and uses his watch. It has been a lifesaver that can now get in touch with him.


BusyMomOf4 - 15 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We have owned two of the Gizmo watches for 6 months now. Our only issue is with the watch band but since you can use any 20mm band its not really an issue anymore. The watch itself works great. I can call, track and text my kids and control when the sound is no on the device via the easy to use app. My son accidentally forgot to take his watch off before he got in the pool (he jumped in with the watch on then brought it to me right away) the watch still works great. The battery life is still excellent after 6 months. The kids can go 2.5 days without charging it, and they charge so fast!

Great for special needs children

Lois - 8 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

My son is a teenager with autism and ADD. I love this because he can't lose it and also I have control with the app on my phone. Also the teacher often takes away the cell phones during class . But he will always has have his and can contact me if there's a problem, no matter when. He is equal to his peers because they all have phones even though his phone is limited. I love the automatic answer feature because I can hear what's going on even if he does not answer the phone or if it's in quiet mode. Mostly if he has any fears or is over stimulated by something he can always contact me no matter what. The GPS function is also very helpful. I recommend this very highly for any special needs child from elementary school to high school.

HUGE improvement over the first version

DLMom - 7 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We've had the Gizmo watches for 3 years now and just upgraded both kids (ages 13, 11) to the latest version. The kids love them and I am pleased with them so far as well. The set up is very simple, they are much nicer looking, and the bands that came with them have metal closure parts instead of plastic. We are totally in the no phone until high school camp, and these watches do more than I could have ever hoped for.

Happy Parent

HappyParent - 7 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

This watch is amazing! Exceeded all expectations. We looked at the previous version of this gizmo and were hoping for something that was a little more 'up-to-date',user friendly, and visually appealing. This gizmo is definitely all of those things. After reading the previous reviews I was a bit nervous, however we have had no issues with battery life, the app, or the bands (which are changeable with any 20mm band). We were looking for a way to contact our children during late practices, sleep overs, neighborhood play etc. This gizmo gives you several ways of doing this with the call and text features, and also allows you to view their location easily. There are also several other features like being able to customize the background, and activity games that the kids enjoy.

1. Dependent on carrier coverage. Device must be turned on. We make no representations or warranties about the availability or accuracy of the GPS or about the accuracy or completeness of any map data or other information.
2. Numbers must be registered through the GizmoHub App. GizmoWatch permits up to nine contacts in addition to the primary registered caregiver.
3. Waterproof: This device has been tested to be IPX7 compliant. Do not operate under water. If all covers are tightly closed, device is protected against water ingress to a maximum of 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.
4. Data usage applies for app download and use.
5. Interchangeable bands sold separately.