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What if you could offer your business tenants a powerful solution to challenges that are five or 10 years away? That's exactly what you deliver with Verizon — available bandwidth that far exceeds today's needs and is flexible enough to handle the demands of tomorrow's "next big thing."

Fiber Optic installation
is quicker,
cleaner and
less than you think.

In increasing numbers, business customers expect fiber-optic broadband service as an amenity. And installation really doesn't have to be a hassle. Verizon provides customized installation that is professional, reliable and low-impact. And best of all -- Verizon bears most of the deployment costs for existing properties located in areas where Verizon is available.

Phase 1

The first step is bringing the fiber-optic line to your building, if it's not already there. This process involves bringing fiber-optic lines to each business on your property either underground or overhead.

Phase 2

On the day of installation at your property, our Verizon technicians will install the equipment required for Verizon Fios (if it is not already installed at your premises). These include the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which transfers fiber-optic or light information to existing copper lines, and the battery backup unit, which provides power to the ONT in the event of an outage.