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Global Choice

Select a country and get up to
180 minutes per month.

$10/mo per line.

International text messaging to over 200 destinations is included in our domestic
plans. Included in Talk & Text, 5 GB, 15 GB, Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans

More about
Global Choice

  • Up to 180 calling minutes to a country of your choice.
  • After your allowance, you'll get discounted rates to
    your selected country.
  • Discounted calling to 220+ other countries.
  • Unlimited calling to Mexico & Canada.

    To add a Global Choice plan, simply text the
    keyword for your selected country to
    4004. For
    example, to add Argentina, text the keyword
    ‘Argentina’ to 4004 or
    sign in.

    If you choose not to add an international long distance plan you'll be ,
    charged pay per minute rates.

    Add plan Back to international calling
    Country Monthly
    Rate after
    Argentina 60 $0.20/min Argentina
    Bangladesh 180 $0.05/min Bangladesh
    Bolivia 60 $0.20/min Bolivia
    Brazil 180 $0.05/min Brazil
    Cambodia 120 $0.10/min Cambodia
    Chile 120 $0.10/min Chile
    China 180 $0.05/min China
    Colombia 180 $0.05/min Colombia
    Dominican Republic 120 $0.10/min Dom Rep
    Ecuador 60 $0.20/min Ecuador
    Country Monthly
    Rate after
    El Salvador 60 $0.20/min El Salvador
    Guatemala 60 $0.20/min Guatemala
    India 180 $0.05/min India
    Indonesia 180 $0.05/min Indonesia
    Japan 120 $0.10/min Japan
    Laos 120 $0.10/min Laos
    Lebanon 60 $0.20/min Lebanon
    Nepal 60 $0.20/min Nepal
    Pakistan 180 $0.05/min Pakistan
    Peru 180 $0.05/min Peru
    Country Monthly
    Rate after
    Philippines 60 $0.20/min Philippines
    Sri Lanka 60 $0.20/min Sri Lanka
    Thailand 120 $0.10/min Thailand
    Turkey 60 $0.20/min Turkey
    Venezuela 120 $0.10/min Venezuela
    Vietnam 120 $0.10/min Vietnam

    Have questions?
    We’ve got answers.

    Which monthly prepaid plans are eligible for Global Choice?

    The following prepaid plans are eligible to add Global Choice:

    • $30 - 500 MB*
    • $35 Talk and Text
    • $40 - 3 GB*
    • $40 - 5 GB
    • $50 - 8 GB*
    • $50 - 15 GB
    • $65 Prepaid Unlimited
    • $70 Prepaid Unlimited*
    • $75 Prepaid Unlimited Plus (includes 5G Ultra Wideband)

    *Plan no longer available for new signups.

    International Long Distance Terms &

    Traveling outside the US?