AQA Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13/13 Pro , 2-Pack

AQA Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13/13 Pro  , 2-Pack






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Protect the screen of your device with the AQA Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2-Pack for iPhone 13/13 Pro . This 2-pack of case-friendly screen protectors provides a clear, high-definition picture with a smooth, glass surface. The anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint design keeps your screen clear and easy to read. And, with high-shock resistance, the screen protector will shield your phone from cracks and drops.



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1 month ago

Limited instructions, finicky to install and ended up looking like s*** sssss

Mtns2Sea . 1 month ago

The review title pretty much sums it up. I receive these screen protectors as part of our phone upgrade order with 2 new iPhones, 2 new wireless chargers and 2 new Otterbox cases. The screen protector installation instructions in the box were very limited and confusing and I could find no additional installation info online from the manufacturer. We followed the instructions provided and finally got them installed, but visible air bubbles remain. To make matters worse, when we installed our phones back into their Otterbox cases after installation, the screen protectors lifted along the edge of the case and will no longer fully adhere to the screens. We are returning these AQA screen protectors to Verizon for a refund and have already reordered different screen protectors that we have used previously without any issue from Amazon.