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The Beats RemoteTalk Audio Cable puts control of your iPad, iPod, or iPhone at your fingertips, while also letting you take calls when listening with your Beats Studio, Beats Executive, Beats Mixr, Beats Solo HD, Beats Wireless, and Beats Pro headphones.

Plus, the built-in mic lets you take calls and then go back to your music.

How to manage calls with the RemoteTalk Cable
To answer, to hang up: simply press and release the center button once to answer; press again to end the call.

To silence an incoming call: Press and hold the center button for two seconds.

To switch between calls: Press and release the center button.

To switch and end an in-progress call: Press and hold the center button for two seconds. Two low beeps will indicate it worked.

Activate voice command
Press and hold the center button until voice activation starts up (functionality varies by device).

How to manage your media
To play or pause a song or video: Press and release the center button. Repeat to resume.

Fast forward: Quickly press the center button twice to skip forward; hold on the second press to scan.

Go back: Quickly press three times to skip back; hold on the third press to scan.

What's In the Box
One Beats RemoteTalk Audio Cable.



2 Reviews

johns51 - 8 months ago

I have used this product multiple times for school and for work. I have many coworkers and fellow students who also use this product and get much use out if it on a daily basis. Once you've learned the basic ins and outs of every aspect, this product becomes an incredibly valuable asset in school or work.

rayeerae - 3 months ago

I never actually purchased this but back when I had an aux plug in my car someone left this in there and it got me through many a road trip!! It was perfect and was even long enough to reach the back seat of the passengers wanted to request music! Lasted a long time but Im pretty sure I gave it away!