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Accessories your GizmoWatch with a stylish and exciting new watchband. The Gizmo Band features a soft, flexible finish for added comfort and wearability. Just slide lever on the watchband post to release the band and choose your alignment.



13 Reviews


of reviewers recommend this product.

Great !!! It’s really helpful

charli D - 20 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I love the colors they have and it’s very useful. i gave my child this watch 1 year ago and it’s still in good condition. recommend buying :)

Great watch, horrible band!

Wealtharchitect - 20 days ago

What a disappointment this band is. Ours broke within the first month of normal usage. Verizon will not replace the band as a part of the warranty.

Horrible Quality...Does not last

MeganLW - 1 month ago

This watch band lasted only 2 months before it broke while my daughter was outside playing. Her watch fell off her arm without her even knowing it. Luckily the GPS tracking allowed us to locate it, but we now need to replace the band. Despite purchasing the watch only 2 months ago AND paying monthly for the protection plan, Verizon/Assurion are telling me they will not replace the band and it is my responsibility to purchase a new one. This is a JOKE!! Verizon is selling an expensive smart watch marketed for children and putting a super cheap band on it that does not last. Buyer beware!!

Awful quality of watch band!

ashley224 - 20 days ago

Bought this watch a month ago, and the band broke within a month. We purchased another Gizmo watch band, and this one didn't even last two weeks! Would NOT recommend this watch band!! Verizon won't cover the band at all, which is a complete JOKE!

Bad design, watch falls off when child sleeps

Tanya - 1 month ago

This new band design is TERRIBLE. My daughter's watch falls off when she takes a nap. This new band design also makes it easier for a potential abductor to remove the GizmoWatch. Please bring back the traditional watch band!

lasted 3 months

DadnSon - 20 days ago

latch broke away. device is great. band is horrible quality and verizon doesn't guarantee accessories product life