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Accessorize your GizmoWatch with a stylish and exciting new watchband. The Gizmo Band features a soft, flexible finish for added comfort and wearability. Just slide the lever to attach the D–ring and band to your watch.

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Review for the Nylon band only

Lemonpoppycake - 10 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We replaced the original band with this Nylon band and we've had it for two months and it looks great. No fraying or broken hinges and comfortable. My 8 year old is very active, soccer, neighborhood kids, hiking, biking, the band is significantly better. I didn't trust the amazon bands so I went with the Verizon band, glad I did. I worry the band size is pretty short, so bed sure to measure your childs wrist.

Replacement band works fine

Therealbc - 9 months ago

Yes our 2 gizmo watch bands broke like everyone else’s, like in 2 weeks. We purchased a replacement from amazon and it was OK, a little long but works. Then Verizon sent out a replacement band unsolicited. Luckily for me we needed band #2 and this band works well and has been on for about 2 months now and no issues. Perhaps the bum plastic has been upgraded from the originals. And the kids like this Velcro type better anyway.

Watch band

Eventhispagedoesnotwork - 2 months ago

Main clasp pulled out of band only after 2 weeks of normal use. Very cheaply made! For the price paid Ripoff. For the money they could of done better.

Terrible Quality Band

Elisabeth - 1 year ago

We bought each of our 3 children a watch for Christmas and already need to replace 2 of the 3 bands. The 3rd child barely wears her watch so that is why we are assuming it doesn't need to be replaced yet. Horrible Horrible quality. Should last longer than a month!!

Good watch terrible band

Jeff1 - 2 months ago

We purchased this gizmo watch for our son. As the other reviewer stated the clasp completely separated from the band in less than a week. My son is not rough on this watch. I can't believe for the price we paid that we had to already replace the band. Did not go back with the same gizmo brand especially after seeing the price they want for a replacement band.

Poor quality band

Katrina - 9 months ago

We bought the new gizmo watch for our son two months ago. We have already called Verizon to replace the band once because it is poorly made. The clasp comes completely off without any force or rough play. It’s already come off the replacement band. I’m highly upset considering the price of this watch. I would like a replacement band made like an actual adult watch band or at least like the gizmo pal2 band. Very disappointed with this watch band!!