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Less wires. More helpful.
Google Pixel Buds are headphones that deliver brilliant sound without letting wires get in the way. With one–touch control of your music and instant access to your Google Assistant, they’re more than just headphones.*

Talk to more people in more places with Google Translate.
Experience real–time translation when you pair your Pixel Buds with your Google Pixel phone. They’re like having your own personal translator, everywhere you go. Just touch and hold the right ear bud and tell the Google Assistant what language you need translated. It works with 40 different languages supported by Google Translate.

Amazing audio, tangle-free.
Enjoy high–quality audio with crystal clarity and booming bass, all in a compact, comfortable package. With no wires needed to connect them to your phone, you’re freed up to do anything. Listen to your favorite music, podcasts, videos and more – with wireless headphones that deliver stellar sound.

Intuitive one–touch control.
Control your music, answer phone calls and adjust the volume with the touch of a finger. You don’t have to reach for your phone to listen to what you love.

Always ready to help.
Quickly access the Google Assistant to get answers, control your music, send messages and more – using only your voice. Simply touch and hold the right ear bud and your Google Assistant is ready to help.*

Listen all day and all night.
Google Pixel Buds provide up to 5 hours of listening time with just one charge. And Pixel Bud’s charging case holds multiple charges, so you can get up to 24 hours of listening time for when you’re on the go.§

*Use of Google Pixel Buds as an audio headset requires a Bluetooth enabled companion device. For minimum OS and hardware requirements go to Additionally, the Google Assistant on Google Pixel Buds is only available on Android and requires an Assistant–enabled Android device and data connection. For available Assistant languages and minimum requirements go to Requires a Google Account for full access to features.

Google Translate on Google Pixel Buds is only available on Android devices running Android 6.0 or newer. It also requires an Internet connection.

Google Pixel Buds battery performance statistics are approximate and are based on listening time, and audio control and other factors. Actual results may vary. Case must be sufficiently charged. Testing conducted in September 2017 on pre–production Pixel Buds connected to a pre–production Pixel 2 phone.

§Total listening times are approximate and are measured using fully charged Google Pixel Buds and a fully charged case for the first Google Pixel Buds re–charge cycle. Actual results may vary. Google Pixel Buds battery testing conducted in September 2017 on pre–production Pixel Buds connected to a pre–production Pixel 2 phone and in Spring 2018 on production hardware with the most recent software.

USB–C is trademark of USB Implementers Forum.

The Bluetooth® mark is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used under license.

Google, Pixel Buds, Android, and related logos and marks are trademarks of Google Inc.


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Great Headphones Overall

aleche - 4 months ago

I absolutely love the Translate feature! Used a few times on my trip abroad and I managed to talk to mutiple people in German, Polish and Czech. Which is crazy futuristic (everyone was super impressed)!! They are very comfortable to me, I've used them a few times for running and they stay in. The pairing worked from the first time with my Pixel 2 phone. Battery life is pretty good. I like the fact that they charge in the case (great feature). Not sure about how it works with iOS, but with Android the phone recognized it very fast. Also the assistant is super handy, you just tap and voila! its there for anything you want to ask. Overall, I recommend this to anyone who has a Pixel phone and is interested in traveling abroad.

Best Wireless Earbuds

MCD1963 - 21 days ago

This is an excellent product. I'm extremely happy with how they fit, feel, and function. They paired easily with my Google Pixel 2 XL and pair instantly when I remove them from the charging case. By the way, they easily fit back into the charging case in about 10 seconds or less. I love how you can increase and decrease the sound from the right bud. I love how you can hold down the right bud and ask Google Assistant questions. I love how you don't totally block out the outside noise as I can use them for work and still hear co-workers. I also use them for exercising and can hear a car coming up on me, which is EXTREMELY important. The Pixel Buds are a great product and I highly recommend them.

Flawed but GREAT

Tj3861 - 23 days ago

The Google Pixel Buds are defiantly a purchase that isn't for everyone. HOWEVER if you are not a full fledged audiophile these buds will server your needs flawlessly. The open air design of the earbuds all but eliminates the short comings of traditional pressure design ear buds, you can talk/sing/chew and move your head without the awkward pressure on your inner ear. The cloth reinforcement method is also great, rubber hurts after an hour or so and over the ear clips are really annoying. Wearing these for 8 hours straight didn't hurt my ears at all, no pains or nasty sweat. You will be able to hear people talking to you with these in (with nothing playing) and you can feel safe in the fact that if you're walking in public or running you will still be able to hear your surroundings. The connecting cord is soft and flexible, its large enough to wrap around my neck (I'm 6'1" 275lbs) comfortably without constraint. The audio is a bit on the quiet side, I attribute this more to the design than the drivers in the buds. Base is clean and not overbearing, the range is amazing and the sound is overall crisp and clean. No tinny sounds associated with a lot of earbuds. They are balanced and clean, but a bit quiet at times. The microphone is clean and isolating. Standing in a crowded room the party at the other end of the line clearly heard me with minimal background noise. The bluetooth is a bit spotty at the moment but I more attribute this to my Pixel 2 XL, not so much the earbuds. Battery life is around 5-6 hours at full volume with a mix of calls and media (mostly media playback). The battery pack (case) holds about 5 full charges (25-30 hours) worth. The touch controls can be confusing at first, however once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. The notification read feature is awesome for hands free and google assistant paired with the headset is phenomenal. I'd recommend (and have recommended) these earbuds to anyone who is looking for an experience different from traditional ear buds. There are competitors that do specific areas better, but none deliver the total package better than (in my opinion) the Pixel Buds do.

Favorite earbuds

Christoph - 4 months ago

I didn't get these until Pixel Buds 2 were announced, which weren't even ready for demo at the Google Hardware event (or whatever it's called) and won't be released until next year; the design of those (the in ear canal) isn't for me (prolly would get the Samsung Wf-1000xm3's if I wanted in ear canal). I wanted earbuds I could pause and hear people talking to me without removing my earbuds. If you want noise isolation you don't want these. The sound is good, the mic is good, and the Google Assistant works amazing with these. I like the cord (for the most part) being able to take them off and hang around my neck is something I like. The battery life is great, and they charge quickly. If they had the same fit as the wired Pixel Buds I'd give them 5 stars (somehow the plastic on those feels more secure than the rubber on the wireless; I think it's probably mostly the rubberized cord on the wired one's that holds them in the ear better than the fabric on the wireless, the smaller casing prolly helps too). I didn't like paying full price for 2 year old headphones but I don't regret it at all. Definitely recommend.

Should be better

GADA - 3 months ago

I do love these but they should be better. I don't think the case is going to weather well, even if you baby it. The cord snags too often and they don't impress in the audio Dept, I know that's not what they are made for but they should sound good at least.

Not Worth It

Em S - 4 months ago

I got these headphones because they have a similar fit-adjustment system to Google's wired headphones that came with my Pixel 3, back in the day. However, these are nothing like those - they have absolutely zero noise cancelling options, the fit of the plastic is unrefined and uncomfortable, and featured a 3 second lag with the audio on my Pixel 5.