Paperlike Screen Protector 2-Pack for iPad Pro 11 (2018-2021) and iPad Air



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Create a paper-like surface for your tablet with the Screen Protector 2-Pack for iPad Pro 11 (2018-2021) and iPad Air. Made with Nanodot technology, these screen protectors provide a smooth, matte surface that makes your tablet feel like writing on a notebook. Reduce muscle fatigue, improve your handwriting and more. The anti-glare design preserves the vibrancy of your display while allowing you to enjoy your screen time, even in the sun. And, microbeads create vibrations that mimic slightly, creating the sensation of writing on real paper.

Easy application.

The included Applicator Tool makes it easy to install your screen protector without any bubbles or bumps.



1535 Reviews

Better than I expected

- 3 months ago

I'm a professional illustrator (corporate drawings for business development) as well as a fine artist (explorations in digital art). I have been using an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Procreate since version 1 of all of those. I got used to drawing on the iPad Pro glass but it was always much slower (and much sloppier) than the drawings I did on paper and then scanned in. Finally I bit the bullet and looked to improve my drawing work flow. After much research, I settled on trying Paperlike. Although it's not like drawing on paper, it is much much better than the iPad Pro glass drawing experience. I've used Paperlike for almost two months now and I would estimate that it has sped up my drawings by 15-20% and cut my errors (the need to 2-finger-tap to undo) by 50%. These time and accuracy savings will add up over time. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Amazing screen protector if you want your iPad to feel like a notepad

- 3 months ago

The screen protector is top-notch. It has an amazing build quality and perfect for those who do a lot of writing or drawing on the iPad. it does make the iPad look matte and affects the screen quality for entertainment purposes (watching movies/clips, etc.). But, that's a trade-off I was willing to accept given that I wanted to use iPad for note taking purposes. It's a great product overall. Would definitely recommend if you have the same purpose for your iPad

Good product - but please place it right!

Jan M - 3 months ago

I like the surface feeling, the explanatory video on Youtube, and that the whole kit includes several montage and anti-dust stickers..Also very much appreciated that they ship two Screen protectors in one box!! Just beware to place it the right way..Due to my lack of technical english skills I translated NUB wrong and placed it OVER THE CAMERA the first time!! But I had a hardware issue with my microphone on my newly bought IPAD anyway, so I had to exchange it with no fees, anyway..When I got my 2nd exchange and wanted to put on the surface, I suddenly realized my misplacement the 1st time and corrected it! Anyway, my mistake!-.Now it's working as it should, the 2nd time! Thanks...Just in case anybody else experienced smth similar..?! NUB means the side of the sometimes almost not recognizable camera - not where you plug the USB-C charging cable in!! ;-) Again my stupid! All the best! Bye :-) PS: I totally liked the goodies - planner PDF! Thank you

Changed the way I use my iPad!

- 3 months ago

I bought Paperlike based on a coworker’s recommendation. I’m a college professor and I use my iPad to write math and physics solutions, present slides and tutor students. I had an Apple Pencil, but I didn’t use it much until I bought the Paperlike. It creates a nice texture on the screen. My writing is more natural (much neater even) using the Paperlike. I use it to create electronic solutions for all my assignments. I also create drawings, solve problems and tutor students live sharing my screen while writing on the iPad. I love it.


- 3 months ago

It feels so good to write on it. I’m a student and I recently started writing my notes on this iPad and the screen protector helps so much literally like you’re writing on a piece of paper with the pencil 100% recommend it.

Sceptical at first, but amazing!

- 3 months ago

At first I was worried that it would make watching movies worse, and at first it did, but the improved writing quality is so worth it, after a while you don’t realise the decrease in picture quality but every time you write you enjoy it! Customer service was always very good when dealing with this company!