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The Verizon LTE Network Extender is like having your own mini cell tower for your home or office.¹ This sleek, compact device enhances your existing LTE coverage at no additional monthly cost.² It supports up to 16 users with low transmission power and has good radio frequency (RF) performance thanks to an internal antenna.³ Do more of what you love with the LTE Network Extender and Verizon, America s most awarded network.

Utilizes current internet connection.
Place the Verizon LTE Network Extender in your home or office to extend your Verizon network and enhance service. Quick and easy to install, the device connects to your existing high-speed internet connection.4

Supports many devices.
Supports up to 16 active devices at once using low transmission power (50mW).³ Experience indoor coverage when Macro base stations cannot provide a good signal. Automatically finds the right LTE band for the strongest connection upon power up.

Easy to use.
A large LCD screen makes it quick and easy to set up and operate your Verizon LTE Network Extender. Flexible mount options for your desk, wall and ceiling are available as well.5

¹Up to 7500 sq. ft. circular coverage (about 50 ft. radius)
²There is a one-time charge for the Verizon LTE Network Extender device.
³Idle capacity is based on one in five users being active in a population and may vary by location and time of day. Supports 14 active users at any given time. One channel is always reserved to support 911 calls, and another is reserved for redirect purposes.
4Requires always-on internet access with 10 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up minimum; 20 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up or higher recommended.
5Mount accessories sold separately.

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Now I have 4g LTE service in my home

NDFL - 5 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about this device so I've decided to throw in my input. I just received the device and although it appears as though it is a plug and play device, expect it not to be. First make sure you have a place where you can connect this device to your Local Area Network, using an Ethernet cable as this device is NOT a device that connects to your LAN via WIFI, near a window and near the power source you will be using for the device. The packaging comes with an 'antenna'. This antenna has a long thin wire that has a small square piece (the actual signal receiver) at the end of it that you will have to adhere to the window. (I made sure everything was working before I used the adhesive with it.) It comes with an Ethernet cable and a power pack to plug into the wall. After you connect the extender to the LAN, mount the antenna to the window then power it up. The Extender is made to stand up or lay flat. It will go through a series of steps displayed on the unit. In my case a got an error 'Server Error 5A'. If you read the posts you'll find people call their internet provider and make sure there are no blocks coming into your network and/or firewall. You can certainly do that however here's what I found. I called VZ customer service (800-922-0204) and went through the prompts finally getting to Tech Support. They informed me that in a perfect situation the Extender registers automatically to your Verizon account but typically it won't. The tech person will ask you for the MAC address of the unit which can be found on the box. They will then do their magic and will register the Extender to your account. Then you will be asked to power cycle the device by unplugging/plugging the device back into the power source. The Extender will go through the same series of steps and it should then find the satellite, GPS gateways etc and your phone should automatically pick up the LTE signal You might experience something different but my intention in writing this was to point out, call tech support before you send it back. I hope you have as great an experience ....

Full bars!

Carl - 19 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

We went from 1 bar and dropped calls to full bars throughout the house. Highly recommended!


marram34 - 19 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Moved into a new neighborhood. The cell signal is atrocious. My calls would drop and cut in and out. Barely had one bar and 1X connection. Followed instructions provided and once it connected, five bars and 4G LTE. Clear calls. No more dropped calls. Lifesaver! Easy to install and five bar 4G LTE. Highly recommend.

Works great!

Thomas C - 19 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I recently moved to Raleigh, NC and started dropping calls routinely and experiencing distortion in the calls. From the picture below, my phone fluctuated from -114 to -119 dBm signal strength sitting on my couch in my living room. After adding this extender, I now a signal floating between -74 and -79dBm in the same spot. In the bedroom directly above my living room, the signal is approximately -85 dBm. The setup was extremely easy. I did not have to call Verizon to activate the device. I just sat it on the window seal and plugged it in. After 5 minutes, it found all but 2 satellites. For reference, there is about 20 feet between my house and the next with both being 2 stories tall. When it finished setting up, I did have to restart my phone before it found the extender. A+++ and would recommend to anyone. BTW, I'm using ATT 1 Gig fiber internet if anyone is wondering. I did continue to drop calls with my Note 10+. I switched off Wifi calling and haven't dropped a call since.

LTE Extender - awesome

whrwiii - 18 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Purchaser this a month ago. Wish I had heard about it a year ago. No more walking around the house trying to get better reception. Went from 1 bar (sometimes no reception) to 4 bars through out the house.

Great Solution

Hobber1 - 21 hours ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Poor cellular recption had always been a problem. This network exrender quickly and easily correcrted the problem. Great product!