Verizon USB Data Cable 6-ft. for USB-C




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Easily transfer data to your devices that have USB Type-C ports. Not only does the Verizon USB Data Cable for USB-C let you transfer data, it also lets you concurrently charge your phone and most devices with a standard USB-A port.*

No wrong way to plug it in. Because of its reversible plug, there's no wrong way to attach a USB-C connector. Unlike its predecessors, it connects whichever way you try to plug it in there s no right side up or upside down.

A versatile charging solution. Fuel up your USB-C headphones, speakers, chargers and more. The USB Data Cable for USB-C works with all Verizon home and car charging solutions that have a USB port.

*USB 2.0 transfer rate

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shaphan - 5 months ago

Don't listen to the naysayers, this charger is perfect and with USB chargers it is self defeating to buy cheap unvetted alternatives. Buy a premium charger from OEM or Verizon Wireless only for best phone/battery/charger life and performance.


Vettman454 - 4 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

A quality cord. Well worth the price.

It's a phone charging cable.

Meb1 - 6 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Don't really have an opinion. Called. Ordered cable. Picked up cable. I gave it a 5 star, but it's a phone charging cable. And it works like a phone charging cable.

Good quality

Mema210 - 8 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Bought this a few weeks ago and so far it is handling the stress of being used daily and moved from one spot to another.

One of my better accessory purchases

rphi1017 - 2 months ago

In 2016 I bought purchased an LG-V20 to replace a Galaxy Nexus that had stopped receiving updates. It came with a 3 foot charging/data transfer cable. I became frustrated that the included cable wasn't long enough to use the phone comfortably while it is charging and bought this very cable. It is a very comfortable length that lets me use my phone easily while it is charging. It also works perfectly for transferring data between from my phone to my computer (or from my computer to my phone). I've used this same cable for three years now either for transferring data or just charging whether at home or in the car as I find most car charger cables are too short. If you are frustrated with a short cable length this one is definitely a must-have.

Great replacement

Nicole - 5 months ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

I needed to replace my old data cable because the wires started coming out of the covering and it wasn't charging my phone properly