ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion Lens Protector for iPhone 11




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Protect the camera lenses of your iPhone 11 with InvisibleShield GlassFusion Lens Protector from ZAGG. The flexible hybrid glass absorbs impact and reduces shock to protect your camera lenses from damage. Safeguard your camera lens without compromising on photo quality. GlassFusion's hybrid glass has advanced clarity for crystal clear, high-quality images. Military-grade protection prevents scuffs and scratches, ensuring the integrity of your camera. And a precise fit on each lens and the included installation kit make them easy to apply. The included Applicator Tool makes it easy to install your screen protector without any bubbles or bumps.

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24 Reviews

Great service

Maureen P. - 5 months ago

Zag has always been accurate, reasonably priced an prompt on delivering. However I had to return the two shield due to the carrier’s insurance policy coverage ; meaning I had to purchase shields from them. Zagg was prompt in refunding my cost. I will continue to shop here.

Zagg Glass protection

Steve K. - 6 months ago

I’ve been using Zagg fir many years for screen, phone and know camera lens protection. Great equipment for your phones which aren’t Inexpensive theses days!!

Peace of mind

First N. - 7 months ago

I’ve often wondered why I hadn’t put lens cover on my iPhones, certainly a very important area to protect. I’ve used Zagg glass on my phones for years so I was excited to add this to my phone. Not as easy to install as the front glass but not difficult either. I have peace of mind knowing my camera lens are protected.

Excellent as usual

Matt H. - 7 months ago

As usual Zagg is my go to for protection products. I finally got around to protect it the lenses and not just the screen of my iPhone 11. The quality of the lense protectors sets the industry bar as always. The installation instructions are clear and concise. The only issue I had was the installation itself...over the last number of years your move to including snap on protector installation guides has quite literally made installation idiot proof. While I was able to successfully install the lens protectors I must say doing it by “eyeing” the alignment of the protectors and the lenses was a little difficult. I do understand that we’re talking about some pretty small pieces being aligned on some pretty small surfaces but I think trying to create an installation template (similar to what you use on your screen protectors) would definitely be a worthwhile endeavor. Other than that, bravo guys!!

Great product

Andres D. - 8 months ago

I can put my phone in my pocket and not worry about the lenses scratching. The product is almost invisible. Great product.

Great Product

Joseph F. - 9 months ago

This camera lens protector is great. It’s completely unnoticeable when looking at the camera. When using the camera with the product installed, I noticed no image distortion or abnormalities in the quality of the images. This product is probably the easiest to install out of all Zagg invisible shield products.