ZAGG Slim Book Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5 (2019) & 10.5-inch iPad Pro



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The ZAGG Slim Book™ is so much more than a keyboard case for your Apple® Slim Book Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5 (2019) & 10.5-inch iPad Pro. This premium accessory also features a video and book mode as well as a case and keyboard mode. The detachable keyboard and case let you convert your Slim Book Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5 (2019) & 10.5-inch iPad Pro from laptop functionality to tablet in a flash. The super-slim profile allows for easy portability, yet provides enough room for the spacious keyboard. The Slim Book is made for people who need maximum performance when they're on the go with their iPad Pro.

Keyboard mode designed for easy typing
The keyboard's bright, backlit keys make for fast, accurate typing, even in low-light conditions. Large typing area provides a comfortable, natural feel.

Video mode for carefree viewing
You don't have to worry about holding your tablet at just the right angle to maintain the perfect viewing position. The Slim Book's video mode holds your iPad securely at virtually any angle. Multiple viewing angles allow for easy screen adjustments.

Case mode protects, easily detaches
The Slim Book's case mode protects your Slim Book Keyboard for iPad Air 10.5 (2019) & 10.5-inch iPad Pro from everyday scrapes and scratches, and it quickly separates from the keyboard when you want it to.

Book mode
Flip the Slim Book into the convenient book mode for comfortable reading. The book mode protects your keyboard and tablet while you read.



3 Reviews

Love this case

VerizonCustomer - 7 months ago

There’s no lag between typing and what shows up on screen which is amazing. It’s comfortable, responsive, sturdy, and exactly what I wanted. The Apple Pencil holder on top is a great feature. Makes my iPad Pro look and feel like a laptop.

Exactly what I was looking for

albrst - 3 years ago

I really wanted a keyboard case for my 10.5 inch iPad Pro that would allow me to use it like a laptop (sit it in my lap or any surface). The ZAGG Slim Book allows me to do that. It works like a hinged laptop but the ipad also comes off easily WITHOUT removing it from the case. The keyboard is extremely responsive and I cannot tell that there is any kind of lag. I love the look of the case (looks like material but feels like vinyl so it wipes clean). The iPad is easy to remove and put right back on. I have not had one complaint with this keyboard case yet. It is exactly what I was looking for. It will add weight to the iPad but that is to be expected with any keyboard case.

Zagg Broke Already...

Ebony - 1 year ago

Negatives: 3-mos in and I'm already replacing it. Pros: I love keyboard, battery lasts forever, sturdy cover. I really am disappointed that I have to replace this after only 3mos of use. The hinge has totally broken apart from repeated open and closing. Someone else stated that its not meant for everyday use..? Really?? (side-eye).