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Top 10 iOS 17 features you’ll love

Person evaluating the new iOS 17 on their iPhone.

The new iOS 17 features you’re sure to love

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Contact Posters: Personalize your calls and contacts.

Your contacts aren’t all the same to you. Why should their info be displayed exactly alike? The new iPhone iOS 17 update allows users to customize how their contacts are displayed in their phones, including choosing a display font, image and background. So get ready to start seeing your favorite friends’ selfies pop up when they call, or a cool cat emoji appear when your older sister gives you a ring. With this new update, making contact takes on a whole new meaning.

StandBy Mode: Make your phone more useful with this iOS 17 update.

With this new iOS 17 update, an idle iPhone becomes a more useful iPhone. All you have to do is turn your device horizontally while charging, and it enters StandBy Mode. This makes your screen a useful new tool in your life. It can display a number of things, including a calendar, clock, photo frame or even a customizable widget-based info center. StandBy Mode can also be customized to respond based on the use of a MagSafe charging dock. For example, it can be a clock in your bedroom dock, an oven-timer in the kitchen or a picture of your family in the living room.

NameDrop: iOS 17 makes sharing your info simple.

Ever make a new friend and want to share your info, but don’t want to send them a text that just says your name in all caps? It happens to us all. Now, as one of the new iOS17 features, all you have to do is bring the phones close together, choose which info you want to share, tap “Share” and bam! Your contact is shared. That includes sharing one of those cool personalized posters you created with your own style, design and writing. 

Reviewed By: Verizon Editorial Team
Last Reviewed: 10.31.2023
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