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Certified Pre-Owned. iPhone 8 introduces an improved glass design, advanced camera, effortless wireless charging and augmented reality experiences never before possible. 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB storage options. Comes in the following colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray and (PRODUCT) RED Special Edition (subject to availability). Get the most of your Apple iPhone 8 CPO with Verizon, America's most awarded network.
Certified Pre-Owned. Our highly-trained technicians inspect and grade the cosmetic appearance of each used device to indicate if the condition is Like New, Great, Very Good or Good. We conduct extensive functional examinations on all used devices. This includes all internal and external functions such as buttons, audio, battery health, SIM card, camera and touch screen. We only approve used devices that score 100% functionality. Learn more about our refurbished devices.

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Dede - 6 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

Nice and very good. It is a great price.I just love this phone

This was an amazing phone it was great!!!

Sarah - 4 days ago

Yes, I'd recommend this product.

When I got this I did not except much but then it was great it’s a good phone! I think a bunch of people should get this phone it is a GREAT PHONE YOU REALLY SHOOOOOD GET IT PLEASE DO YOUR MISSIN OUT LOL!,!! ITS AMAZING ITS AWSOME LOVE IT Thanks

Slow and buggy

Jimbo - 17 hours ago

I bought this phone maybe 18 months ago, upgrading from an iPhone 6s that had gotten broken. I had been fairly happy with the success and had kept it for a long time because it had the headphone jack. When I first got the eight it seemed okay, faster than the six, and while the lack of headphone jack was an annoyance it wasn't a dealbreaker. However over time it's gotten slower and slower, and more buggy. Sometimes it completely ignores screen touches, sometimes it just freezes in different applications or the applications crash. This is by far the worst phone that I've had. Occasionally goes into periods where it forces me to log out of my iTunes account and log back in multiple times. The most frustrating thing is occasionally one of trying to purchase something the only way that I can do it is by removing my payment information and re-adding it. I'm so disappointed in this and so frustrated with it honestly than it starting for the first time to look at android phones. That is not an optimal solution however, because I really value my privacy in Google really doesn't. I need this phone for work, as my pages come through it and it hasn't been reliable. If you're looking for just a basic phone and don't do much else on it it might be okay, phone calls are generally okay although I don't like the sound quality. But if you're looking for full-featured smart phone, this is not the one

Camera does not work

unhappy - 17 hours ago

I purchased one of these. Within a week I had issues with the camera. The image will not focus and has the appearance of "waves" in it, as if viewed through the heat coming off the road. The selfie camera is the only one that works. It also causes an echo when paired to my vehicle for hands free communication. The other person hears me and themselves.


Sucker - 17 hours ago

I did my due diligance, Having read reviews I was skeptical, so I called to inquire about two specific concerns regarding the "great" condition phone. My concerns were: Battery life and Charging port, both of which are always the first things to malfunction on an iphone. I ws assured that these phones, being in "great condition" would also be "great" and these specific problems are checked. Unfortuately, the battery has 85% efficiency, and not one of my charging cords will work with the phone, one of which is brand new. The only cord that will charge is the one included with the phone. As if this wasn't dissapointing enough, the home button doesnt work correctly, when you press it it produces a thump on the back of the phone, like it is pushing something inside againt the phone, and it doesnt take screen shots. How can a phone make it through refurbishing and not have the home button checked?. I am an over 20 year Verison customer and I find this extremely dissapointing, /i understand that these phones arent perfect, but these are problems that everyone experiences at one time or another, and they should be top priority when promising refurbishment. As for the home button not functioning,that is obviously something that would be easily found during an inspection. I am now having to begin to deal with this all over again, something I wanted to avoid. Perhaps someone would contact me directly to correct this.

Do not buy Any certified pre-own phones

Mackenzee - 17 hours ago

My device did not work within a month of owning it. I was told that I would have a year to get a replacement phone if anything was wrong with the certified pre-owned phone even before purchasing. When I tried to replace the phone they told me that I had no year warranty even though I had a receipt from them stating otherwise. They told me they could not do anything about replacing my phone because my phone was out of stock and Apple couldn’t honor my warranty since their system said it Was expired.

1 Compared to the iPhone 7.