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Caller Name ID.

No one likes answering the phone when they don't know who's on the other end. Know who's calling with Verizon Caller Name ID. You can block unwanted calls based on risk level and silence the spam.

Data charges apply.

Put an

Spam Block

Spam block.

Set up your spam filter and block list to prevent unsolicited callers from reaching you.

Avoid unwanted callers with spam detection.

Spam detection.

Avoid unwanted callers with spam detection.

Caller details

Caller details.

View caller details like name, picture, city and state for unknown numbers.

Add new contacts

Add new contacts.

Seamlessly update your contacts with newly identified numbers.

Create a custom profile

Custom profile.

Upload your own picture and information to share with other Verizon Wireless customers.

Get Caller
Name ID on
your device.

Visit the App Store if you have an iPhone
to get started.*

Available on the App Store

*Requires iOS 10+

Got an Android device? Most already come preloaded with Caller Name ID and a free trial with purchase. Click on supported devices to see the complete list of eligible devices.

Questions? Visit our FAQs and How-to-Use Guide.

Supported Devices

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