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Trading in your old phone?

Remove your Google account from your old phone before getting started.

Step 1 Turn off your old phone

Step 2 Power on your new phone

Hold the power button until the device vibrates, then release and wait for the "Welcome" screen to appear.

3 Enter your Verizon PINStep 3 Enter your Verizon PIN

If prompted, from the "Verify Your Account" screen, enter your Verizon Account PIN. Follow the onscreen prompts, then tap Next. If you forgot it, reset or create your Account PIN.

4 WelcomeStep 4 Welcome

From the "Welcome" screen, select the appropriate language, then tap Get Started.

5 Activate your new Alcatel Avalon VStep 5 Activate your new Alcatel Avalon V

From the "Phone activation" screen, tap Next. Allow a few minutes for activation to complete.

6 Connect to Wi-FiStep 6 Connect to Wi-Fi

From the "Connect to Wi-Fi" screen, select a network. Enter the password, then tap Connect or Skip the step. If your network isn’t shown, tap See all Wi-Fi networks.

Step 7 Choose a restore method

From the "Copy apps & data" screen, tap Copy your data if you want to copy your backed up data from a previous device. Tap Set up as new if you don't want to restore any data.

Step 8 Sign in to Google

Sign in to your Google account or create a new one. Signing in to Google allows you to access Gmail and your Google apps.

Step 9 Protect your phone

Tap the appropriate option to set up a screen lock:
  • Set up a Pattern to unlock your phone by drawing a line to connect a series of dots.
  • Set up a numeric PIN to unlock your phone.
  • Set up a Password to unlock your phone.
  • Finally, you can choose Not now, then tap Skip Anyway to bypass setting up a screen lock.

10 Set up Voice AssistantStep 10 Set up Voice Assistant

If you signed in to your Google account, turn on the switch and tap I Agree to set up Voice Match. Follow the on-screen prompts. Tap No Thanks if you don't want to set it up.

11 Additional optionsStep 11 Additional options

From the "Anything else?" screen, you can set up additional options such as setting up another email account. If you don't want to set up any additional options, tap No Thanks.

Step 12 Verizon

Verizon Services help to improve your experience and optimize your service. Select Location and App info, then tap OK.

13 Set up Verizon CloudStep 13 Set up Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud gives you added protection by backing up your important information to the cloud. Set up Verizon Cloud by tapping Next or Skip the step.

14 Add Verizon Security & PrivacyStep 14 Add Verizon Security & Privacy

Verizon Security & Privacy protects your phone from malware, viruses and other threats. Set up Verizon Security by turning on the switch and tapping Accept. Tap Skip if you don't want to set it up.

15 You're all doneStep 15 You're all done

From the "Ready to go!" screen, tap Got it! to complete setup.