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Step 1 Get the Verizon Content Transfer app

From the Apple App Store, download and install the Verizon Content Transfer app on both phones.

Step 2 Open the Verizon Content Transfer app

Open the Verizon Content Transfer app on both phones, then tap Start Transfer.

Step 3 Select your phone

On both phones, select which is your old phone and which is your new phone, then tap Next.

Step 4 Select iPhone to iPhone

Select the iPhone to iPhone transfer combination on both phones.

Step 5 Turn off Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth is on, you will receive a prompt to turn it off before continuing. Select Turn off to be brought to "Settings".
If not prompted, skip to step 9.

Step 6 Tap Bluetooth

Step 7 Switch Bluetooth off

In the "Bluetooth" settings screen, tap the switch to turn it off. Bluetooth is off when the switch is in the grey position.

Step 8 Return to Verizon Content Transfer

Tap Content Transfer in the top left corner to go back to the Verizon Content Transfer app.

9 Scan the QR codeStep 9 Scan the QR code

From your old phone, scan the QR code displayed on your new phone.

Step 10 Confirm the start of the transfer

Tap Confirm.

Step 11 Select what to transfer

On your old phone, select the content you want to transfer and then tap Transfer.

Step 12 Wait for the transfer to complete

Transfer progress is displayed on the status bar. Transfer time depends on how much content you have.

Step 13 Congrats, you're done

When the transfer is finished, tap Done on both phones.