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Significant Change Notification

  • What is a change notice?
  • The change notice you received is to make you aware of certain changes to your Verizon account made either online, over the phone with an automated voice messaging service or, over the phone with a Verizon representative. The types of changes triggering these notices include things such as:

    • Establishing an online account
    • Changing your online User ID
    • Adding or changing your primary contact email address
    • Adding or changing your online password or other account password or PIN
    • Adding or changing the secret question(s)/answer(s)
    • Adding or changing the email alias (which may be used as a User ID)
    • Upgrading your online account to Full Access
    • Adding or changing your billing address associated with your account
    • Adding or changing an administrative sub-account.
    • Adding or changing your mobile telephone number (MTN) associated with your account
    • Enabling Touch ID
    • Enabling Home Connect

  • What if I don't remember making the change to my account information?
  • Please check to see if anyone authorized to use your account may have made the change. If you or any other authorized user do not remember making the change, please call the toll free number that was provided to you in the change notice for assistance.

  • How are change notices delivered?
  • Change notices are delivered by one of four methods: (1) A text if Verizon has a verified mobile telephone number on file; (2) an email if Verizon has a verified email address on file; (3) a call to your billing telephone number by Verizon's voice response unit; or (4) a letter by US Mail.

  • Does Verizon send important notices and account related information to electronic addresses of record, instead of my postal address?
  • Yes. Depending on the circumstances, Verizon may send important notices and account related information to the electronic address of record, which may be an email address or a mobile telephone number.

  • I received a change notice for establishing a Verizon online account through the registration process. Is there a charge for registering to set up a Verizon online account?
  • No, there is no charge for registering to set up a Verizon online account. The online account may be used among other things to read email, purchase Verizon products & services, viewing & paying your Verizon bill or ordering set top boxes.

  • Where do I call with questions about billing or to make account changes?
  • Please call 1.800.Verizon (1.800.837.4966) for any questions about billing or to make account changes. You can also log on to to review bills and make account changes.

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