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Voice Mail Upgrade

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide quality service, Verizon will be upgrading your voice mail service to a new system. This upgrade does not include Fios Digital Voice customers.

We'll give you plenty of notice:

  • As we prepare for your upgrade, you’ll be notified by a message in your voice mailbox and either an email, a message in your bill, or a letter by U.S. Mail with additional details.
  • Just before your upgrade, you’ll receive another voicemail message with more information.
  • After the upgrade, you’ll receive a final message letting you know the upgrade is complete and new messages will be deposited in your new mailbox.

You’ll still be able to access your old mailbox for 30 days by pressing [7] at the main menu of your new mailbox. Messages will be available until they are deleted nofollowing the normal schedule. See the Frequently Asked Questions for additional details about this change.

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