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Verizon Your Domain service has been discontinued. Customers who currently subscribe to the product and remove it will not be able to re-order.

  • Where can I access my Domain Name Email?
  • When you setup email linking on Sitecontrol, your domain name email address (e.g. will be aliased with In order to access your Domain Name Email, you must visit Verizon Webmail.

    Once on the Verizon Webmail page, do the following:

    1. Sign In with your domain name username and password.
    2. All of your email messages will be listed here and can be managed using the Verizon Webmail management tools.

    Outlook Express:

    1. Setup Outlook Express and add your POP and SMTP settings.
    2. Sign in with your domain name username and password.

  • How do I manage my domain
  • In order to manage your domain, you must first visit My Account. If you have not signed in you will be prompted to do so.

    You can also manage your domain directly using SiteControl. Make sure you sign in using the username and password that you created when you signed up for Verizon Your Domain.

    After signing in with your domain credentials, SiteControl will allow you to administer your domain.

  • How can I add email accounts to my domain?
  • Additional email accounts can no longer be added to My Domain.

  • Where can I find additional Verizon Your Domain help?
  • For more help with Verizon Your Domain, visit the Verizon Domains Help Center.

  • How do I build my website
  • You can build your website using Verizon Your Domain.

    • Login to SiteControl
    • Select Website then Edit in Sitebuilder
    Sitebuilder will guide you through steps to build and publish your website.

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