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Verizon My Rewards+ Refer a Friend Program


Our Way of Saying Thanks!

Who says there's no free lunch? With the Verizon Refer a Friend program, you AND your friends can enjoy the little extras that make life fun: a cup of coffee, a lunch out, a shopping trip.

How Does it Work?

You got referred by a friend and you’re considering joining Verizon? It’s easy: Enter your Refer a Friend code.

  • Complete an order online for a qualifying Triple Play or Double Play or other service(s) that Verizon may from time to time make eligible.
  • Once your service is installed, sign up for My Verizon and enroll in My Rewards+.
  • You and your friend who referred you BOTH get points when your account is active for 60 days and your bills are up to date. (Make sure you sign up for My Rewards+ in order to get your Refer a Friend points).

You’ve already enrolled in My Rewards+, and you want to Refer a Friend?:

  • Sign in to your My Verizon account to get your unique referral code.
  • Send the code to your friend(s).
  • If they order qualifying Verizon service ONLINE and sign up for My Rewards+ you BOTH receive My Rewards+ points when your friend’s account has been active for 60 days and all their bills are up to date.

NOTE: failure to adhere to these referral procedures will result in inability to award the Referrer and/or Friend points.

Best of all, there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer—or the amount of points you can get. Why not get started today?

How Many Points Can I Get?

The sky’s the limit, as long as you remain a Verizon customer with your bill paid in full. Each of you gets 2,500 My Rewards+ points when your friend signs up for an eligible Verizon Triple Play.

Each of you gets 1,500 My Rewards+ points if your friend signs up for an eligible Double Play.

From time to time, Verizon may make other services/packages available for My Rewards+ points and/or change the amount of My Rewards+ points that are given for eligible Verizon Triple Plays and Double Plays.

What are My Rewards+ and the Refer a Friend Program?

Verizon My Rewards+ is a points-based program available to certain Verizon residential Internet and/or TV customers in select areas where Verizon provides service. Eligible customers must enroll in My Verizon to participate in the My Rewards+ program. The Refer a Friend program is just one way My Rewards+ members can get points. Only new customers are eligible to be referred in this program, and points are only awarded for the purchase of qualifying services.

Not enrolled? Register for My Rewards+

For more information about My Rewards+ and the Refer a Friend program, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Referral Details:

If the person you refer is also referred by other Verizon customers, only one referrer can receive rewards for the referral. The referrer and friend referred cannot live in the same household.

In order to receive Refer a Friend rewards, any friends you refer must complete their order of Verizon service online and sign up for My Rewards+ within 90 days from the time their service is installed. After 90 days, they can still sign up for My Rewards+, but they will no longer be eligible to receive Refer a Friend points.

No worries! Even if your friend doesn’t sign up for My Rewards+ within 90 days, you’ll still receive your Refer a Friend points—as long as he or she has purchased an eligible package and has an account in good standing with no past due bills.

Reward Eligibility Requirements:

NOTE: In order for you and your friend to receive My Rewards+ Points from the Refer a Friend program, your friend must complete their order via our online website (for qualifying services), and your friend as a customer must have Verizon service installed and remain a customer with no past due bills for 60 days. Until the accounts have been active for 60 days, both parties will receive "Pending Referral Points".?

Qualifying residential services that may be included in the qualifying Triple or Double plays are: Fios® TV, Fios® Internet, Fios® Digital Voice, High Speed Internet, and Verizon Freedom® Value/Verizon Freedom Essentials phone service, and other voice services that Verizon makes eligible.

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