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Caller ID for Fios TV

To view details of your outgoing, incoming, and missed phone calls, your Fios services and Set-top Box must meet the requirements for Caller ID.

The following requirements must be met, you must:

  • subscribe to Fios Digital Voice, Fios TV, and Fios Internet, and Caller ID
  • have a Fios TV compatible Set-top Box

Note: All Verizon-supplied routers and ONTs are compatible with Caller ID for Fios TV. Caller ID is not compatible with the Motorola 2500 STB or DCT 700 Digital Adapter. Sign into My Verizon to shop and upgrade your STB.

Looking to setup Caller ID on your TV? Follow these steps.
  • 1.
    Using your Fios remote control, press Menu
  • 2.
    Select Settings, press OK
  • 3.
    Select Notifications,
  • 4.
    Select Caller ID,
  • 5.
    Select Check Availability, press OK
  • 6.
    A message will display to indicate that Caller ID is either available or unavailable, If Caller ID is Available, press OK