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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQs

We’re here. And we’re ready to help you stay connected.

Learn about Verizon's mobile and home Customer Service, stores, billing and account and set up and installation information that may be affected by the coronavirus.

To get information for your business, visit our Business Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs.

Verizon Customer Service and stores availability

  1. What are Verizon's Customer Service hours?

    Our Customer Service hours have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer Service hours for Verizon mobile (wireless plans and devices) and Verizon home (Fios internet, TV and voice) are:

    • Mon – Sat: 8 AM - 7 PM local time
    • Sun: 8 AM - 5 PM local time

    To contact Customer Service, visit our:

    • Verizon mobile contact us page for wireless plans and devices Customer Service phone numbers. Or choose Chat with us at the bottom of your screen.
    • Verizon home contact us page for Fios internet, TV and voice phone numbers, to schedule a call back, or to chat with Customer Service online.

  2. How do healthcare and government agencies making outbound calls to Verizon customers ensure the call is not marked as spam or blocked?

    Healthcare and government agencies that are making outbound calls related to the COVID-19 pandemic or vaccines should register their numbers to avoid being marked as spam or blocked.

  3. Can I visit a Verizon mobile or Fios TV store for assistance?

    Many Verizon mobile and Verizon Fios TV stores are temporarily closed or have reduced hours. For non-emergency transactions:

    For critical connectivity issues or urgent device replacements, our in-store Experience Specialists are ready to help. Find a Verizon mobile or Fios TV store and learn how to prepare for your visit.


    • For the safety of customers and Verizon employees, you must wear a face covering when visiting. Review the CDC's Guidelines for more information on face coverings.
    • Store hours and services vary by location. Be sure to call and confirm the store is open before you visit.

  4. I want to pay my wireless bill in cash and my local Verizon store is closed. Where can I go to make a payment?

    If you want to pay your bill in cash and your local Verizon mobile (wireless plans and devices) store is closed, you can visit your nearest CheckFreePay location or Western Union location to make a payment. Some locations may also accept debit card payments.

    You can also check our Payment locations to see other stores that accept payments for your Verizon mobile and/or Fios Home Internet bill.


    • Be sure to call and make sure the location is open before you visit.
    • You may be charged up to a $3 convenience at these locations for making a payment.
    • Some locations may also accept debit card payments.

  5. I made a purchase at a Verizon store and I want to make a return. Can I mail my return back to you instead of going to a store?

    Yes, you can make a return by mail:

    Note: If you purchased from an Authorized Retailer (e.g., BestBuy, Costco, etc.) contact them for assistance.

Billing and policy information

  1. What if I need help to pay my bill?

    We want to work with you and can provide payment arrangements to help you pay your bill.

    If you contacted us by 6/30/20 to protect your account, you were enrolled in a repayment program. Review your billing statement for additional information.

    If you didn't contact us, a payment arrangement can help you pay your Verizon mobile and or/home bill:

    We honor state-specific requirements regarding late fees, service interruptions, and repayment options.

  2. Is there a way I can reduce my Fios bill now that there’s less live sports programming?

    Certain TV plans have no Regional Sports Network Fees, including the Local TV package and the TV plans in our Fios Mix & Match portfolio.

    You can explore the available packages and make plan changes through your Verizon Fios account online or in the My Fios app.

  3. How can I access the account of a family member or friend who has been impacted by COVID-19?

    Here’s what to do if you aren’t the Account Owner and need to access the account:

    • Verizon mobile (wireless plans and devices): You must be on the family member or friend’s account. The Account Owner can assign you as an Account Manager so you can make account changes.    Learn about adding an Account Manager.

      If you have a different Verizon mobile account, learn how to transfer service  to get access to your friend or family member’s account.
    • Verizon home (Fios internet, TV and voice) - To transfer ownership of an account to someone else:
      • Due to the Account Owner’s death, contact Verizon Customer Service. You will need the billing account number when you call.
      • For any other reason, the existing Account Owner and the person assuming ownership must contact Verizon together and must be on the call during the change. All billed charges up to the transfer date are billed to the outgoing Account Owner. The incoming Account Owner is responsible for all billed charges after the transfer.

Getting help online

  1. How do I get help with my Verizon mobile or home account online?

    You can make purchases and do most transactions online.

    Verizon mobile accounts:  Sign in to My Verizon or register now to:

    • View your bill
    • Pay your bill
    • Make a payment arrangement
    • Change your plan
    • How to upgrade video

    For prepaid mobile customers:

    • View and change your plan
    • Add funds
    • Change your device

    Verizon home accounts:  Sign in to My Verizon (Fios) or get the My Fios app to:

    • View and manage account details
    • View, manage and pay your bill
    • Enroll in autopay
    • View home phone call logs
    • Perform internet speed tests and Wi-Fi analysis
    • Set internet schedules
    • Access support tools

Device setup and Fios installations

  1. How do I activate and set up a wireless device I ordered online or over the phone?

    Device orders include activation instructions in the shipping box. If you need help transferring content or activating your device, visit:

  2. How do I turn on the mobile hotspot feature on my device?

    You can share your Verizon wireless data connection with other devices. Steps to turn on mobile hotspot depend on your device's operating system:

    Note: You'll need a data plan that includes mobile hotspot. For more information visit our Mobile Hotspot FAQs.

  3. What features on my wireless device might be useful for me while I’m at home?

    These wireless device features can help when you're at home:

    Visit our Wi-Fi Calling FAQs for more information.

    • Call Forwarding – Forward your mobile calls to another phone number. Visit our Call Forwarding FAQs for more information.
    • Caller ID Blocking – Block your number from being displayed through Caller ID either permanently or temporarily. Visit our Caller ID Blocking FAQs for more information and instructions.
    • Jetpack - You can add a Jetpack to your data plan so you can share your Verizon Wireless network connection with other devices. Visit our Verizon Jetpack FAQs to learn more.

5G Home Internet Support

  1. What safety measures are you taking when a technician comes to my home?

    We’re taking precautions to keep you and our technicians safe and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    We require our technicians and any individuals dispatched to wear a protective facial covering at all times and maintain a minimum of 6 feet of separation during the set up or repair.

  2. Where can I go if I need additional help with my 5G Home services as an existing customer?

    Verizon is experiencing higher call volumes during this unprecedented time. We recommend you manage your services online or with our app:

    • Verizon mobile - For non-emergency transactions, (e.g., device upgrades, bill payments, account questions) you can use My Verizon (wireless) anytime.
    • Verizon Fios TV - For non-emergency transactions, (e.g., plan changes, bill payments, account questions) you can use My Verizon (home account) or the My Fios app anytime. 

  3. I’m having trouble with my Fios connection speed, what can I do?

    Learn about and troubleshoot a slow or intermittent Wi-Fi connection.

How to clean your device

  1. How can I safely disinfect my wireless device or TV remote?

    Visit How to Clean / Disinfect Your Device to learn how to safely clean or disinfect your wireless device or TV remote.  

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