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Notice from the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission re: Maui Wildfires

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On August 3, 2023, the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission issued an order requiring telecommunication companies to notify consumers of its order which may be read here https://files.constantcontact.com/fe305c12801/c31021b1-b0ca-4e6a-8f10-06bd72a2ac33.pdf?rdr=true Under the order, Telecommunications are required to suspend disconnecting customers "telecommunications service" for non-payment from August 8, 2023 through October 17, 2023 ("Suspension Period") for non-payment of services. Utilities may disconnect customers for public safety concerns, not related to non-payment of services. Through October 17, 2023, Verizon will not charge late fees for consumers impacted by the Maui wildfires.