Send a fax using Fios Digital Voice

Fios Digital Voice isn’t just for making voice calls. You can also use it to send a fax. While most fax machines should work with Fios Digital Voice, please check your fax machine’s user guide to ensure compatibility.

How to send a fax

  • Plug your fax machine into a working jack
  • Dial the number where you want to send the fax

As with voice calls, charges for sending faxes depends on your calling plan and type, whether domestic or international:

  • Unlimited calling plans are not charged for sending domestic faxes
  • Per-Minute calling plans are charged per minute for sending domestic faxes
  • All faxes sent to international destinations will be charged at the same rates as international phone calls

Sending and receiving faxes

When using your fax, you cannot make a voice call and send a fax at the same time, unless you have a separate, dedicated Fios Digital Voice line for fax purposes. However, you can use your broadband connection to search the Web while you are sending a fax.

To prevent your voicemail from interrupting your fax, set your voicemail ring cycle longer than your fax ring cycle/delay.

Fax transmissions appear in your call logs just like incoming phone calls (faxes received) or outgoing phone calls (faxes sent).

When sending/receiving faxes, make sure your:

  • Fax machine is connected to a working jack
  • Fax machine has power from the electrical outlet and is turned on
  • Call forwarding is turned off
  • If you are still unable to send/receive a fax, check your fax machine’s user guide