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Verizon Speed Test results may differ from the results of other speed tests. There are four main causes for this:
  1. Many Internet speed test sites are designed to test only dial-up or DSL services, and are not capable of testing at the speeds offered by FiOS.
  2. Different web sites are likely to have different IP routes. These different routes will have different performance capabilities as well as different loads which will contribute to differences in speed. The Verizon Speedtest is located very near our backbone data network, so it should provide a more accurate measure of the performance capabilities of your PC when used with the FiOS service. The Speedtest site does not measure download speeds from the Internet itself.
  3. With FiOS, your PC plays an important role in determining the performance level you will achieve. Computers with older operating systems or lower processor speeds can be used, but they will not be able to achieve maximum performance. To help you get the most from your Verizon FiOS Internet Service, make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Generally, the more robust your computer hardware and operating system, the better FiOS will perform.
  4. There are different ways to measure throughput. Some sites consider a 'kilobit' of throughput to be 1024 bits per second, while the Speedtest site measures a kilobit of throughput as 1000 bits per second. Therefore, a 10.0 megabits per second speed result from another site is equivalent to a 10.24 megabits per second result from the Speedtest site.

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