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What is phishing? Phishing is a method of getting personal and financial information through fraudulent means. A phishing scam involves sending spam or pop-up messages to lure credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information from Internet users.

Phishing scams can be very elaborate. Emails and pop-ups asking you for information may look authentic and direct you to web sites that appear to be real company sites.

To protect yourself from phishing scams:
  • Never provide personal information as a result of an email or pop-up.
  • Don't send personal or financial information by e-mail.
  • Remember that reputable businesses never ask for personal information via email or pop-ups.
  • Forward phishing spam or suspicious emails to the company or organization being impersonated.
Please review some examples of recent phishing scams so you know what to look for.

See Also: I received an email asking me to update my credit card information.
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