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Verizon Online Statement As an ISP, Verizon Online is working hard to address serious security threats on the Internet by closely monitoring our network for incoming and outgoing spamand by working cooperatively with others across the ISP industry on anti-spam initiatives.

These round-the-clock efforts include blocking spam and propagation of viruses from sources we identify using methods that are consistent with industry practices. This is a long-standing policy at Verizon Online.

When we identify sources of spam or viruses, we block them as narrowly as we can and, where possible, we work directly with whoever manages that source to notify them of the issue. We then continuously monitor the source and will lift the block as soon as we are satisfied the threat has been resolved. In many cases, this is resolved within two days; however, we will not remove a block as long as a serious threat remains.

In April 2005, Verizon Modified Its Spam Blocking Policy And Procedures In An Effort To More Effectively Block Spam Only While Delivering Legitimate Email. However, Because No Policy Is Perfect, The Modified Policy Notifies Senders Of Blocked Email That Their Email Did Not Reach The Intended Recipient.

Any spam-blocking method will, inevitably, result in the blocking or delay of legitimate email. This is yet another reason why spammers are harmful to the Internet community. If you believe you are not receiving legitimate email, you should call our technical support desk for assistance or send an email to and we will work to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Our Verizon Online Web site also features an Internet security page with practical tips and tools that can help customers protect themselves from Internet threats.

We believe that fighting spam is the right thing to do for the safety and security of our more than 5 million broadband and dial-up customers.

To report problems sending e-mail to Verizon Online customers or receiving e-mail from a specific address or domain:

  • For Verizon Online customers: Report problems receiving e-mail from specific servers, report problems now.

  • For ISPs: Report problems sending e-mail to Verizon Online customers, report problems now.

Disclaimer: The above links are not for reporting technical-support or billing-related issues. This resource is intended for use if you are having issues receiving e-mail from specific domains or addresses (but the remainder of your e-mail service is functioning properly) and for issues sending e-mail to Verizon Online customers. If your e-mail is not functioning properly, please contact Verizon Online technical support to address your issues. All issues not related to specific servers submitted via this form will be deleted.

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