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Verizon Whitelist Policy Verizon Online's spam-blocking procedures block certain IP addresses and domains that are identified as or suspected of being sources of spam, viruses, or other threats. "Whitelist" requests may be made to exempt specific addresses or domains from being blocked by these procedures.

Please note that whitelisted status does not guarantee delivery of email. There are a number of reasons why email may not be delivered aside from the spam-blocking procedures that whitelisted status addresses, including issues with the sender's ISP or the recipient's filter settings.

Whitelist requests should be made only if the sender of blocked email receives the following error message:

ERROR 550 Email from your Email Service Provider is currently blocked by Verizon Online's anti-spam system. The email "sender" or Email Service Provider may visit and request removal of the block.

If the sender did not receive this error message, whitelist status may not address the issue. The sender should contact his or her ISP. Verizon Online customers may also check their spam filters and Spam Detector folder. For further assistance, please refer to Email troubleshooting in the Verizon Help site.

To protect its customers and its networks, Verizon Online reserves the right to reject whitelist requests and to revoke whitelist status if granted. Verizon Online may deny or revoke whitelist status without notice for any of the following reasons:
  1. Whitelist status will be denied to or revoked from servers that are open relays or open proxies.
  2. Whitelist status may be denied to or revoked from direct connections from dynamically assigned IP addresses.
  3. Whitelist status may be denied to or revoked from senders with reputations for sending spam, as determined from publicly available sources on the internet.
  4. Whitelist status may be denied or revoked if Verizon Online receives complaints regarding email sent from the exempted sender.
  5. Whitelist status may be revoked if more than 10% of email from an exempted IP address is rejected as undeliverable or the sender refuses to accept notices that email was not deliverable.

Additionally, to obtain and maintain whitelist status, senders must agree and adhere to all the following terms:
  1. All whitelist requests must contain the requestor's valid contact information.
  2. All email originating from the whitelisted address must be compliant with the federal Can Spam Act of 2003.
  3. All bulk email to Verizon Online subscribers must be solicited, meaning that the sender has an existing relationship with the recipient and that the recipient has not requested not to receive mailings from the sender.
  4. All subscription-based email must include the sender's valid, non-electronic contact information, including phone number and physical mailing address, in the text of each email.
  5. Persons transmitting mail from the whitelisted address must not hide, forge, or misrepresent the sender of the email or the sending domain.

Finally, the following technical requirements must be met:
  1. The sending domain must have an MX record.
  2. The server listed in the domain's MX record must accept mail to the address from which mail is sent.
  3. The server listed in the domain's MX record must not block or
  4. List servers must use a valid "envelope from" address to accept message bounces.
  5. Servers must be secured to prevent unauthorized or anonymous use.

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