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Learn more about how long  emails remain on the Verizon Server, what to do when you exceed your mailbox quota and how to handle deleted emails.


Email Retention

  • All Email will be retained indefinitely as long as your Email account remains active and you do not exceed the maximum storage quota for your mailbox. You can determine the available storage space for your mailbox via the Email Storage window in the left column of your mailbox.
  • All Email in the trash folder will be deleted after 2 days.
  • All Email in the Spam Detector folder will be deleted after 4 days.


Mailbox Storage

  • Mailbox storage refers to the amount of space Verizon allows for your Verizon Online emails on our mail server.
  • To view your Verizon Online mailbox storage in Message Center: Click Conversations from the top navigation to view your Email Inbox. From the left navigation, click Message Center Storage.
  • If you surpass your allowed mailbox storage, email messages are returned to the sender with a message saying you have exceeded your storage quota. Learn more.


Deleted Emails
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