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Are there other network factors that can impact performance? Yes, there are Verizon network as well as Internet factors that affect your connection speeds.

Within the Verizon Network.

Although we build our network with very fast connections, your Internet traffic shares the same paths as traffic from other subscribers. At times, the amount of traffic generated by other subscribers may impact the throughput performance of your FiOS service.

On the Internet

Factors that impact performance include:
  • How far away the site is. For example, if you access a site based in Australia, data has to travel many thousands of miles.

  • How busy the site is. Some popular sites can get overloaded with too many people trying to access them at once.

  • How fast the links from the site to you are. If the Web site has a smaller bandwidth connection, it generally won't perform as well as other sites with larger bandwidth connections.

  • How busy the links from the Web site to you are. During "rush hour," the paths to the Web site may be congested, which can make a site seem sluggish.
With FiOS, we've made the link from your home to our network very fast. However, there are many factors that affect browsing speeds.

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