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What is a worm and how is it different from a virus? What can I do?

Use the virus protection software available from the Verizon Internet Security Suite to remove viruses or worms from your computer. If you are seeing symptoms of a virus, set the antivirus software to scan your entire hard drive.

Note: The Verizon Internet Security Suite is available to Verizon Online customers for an additional charge.

How can I protect my computer from worms in the future?

You can configure the antivirus protection included in the Verizon Internet Security Suite to help protect your computer from computer worms as well as viruses. The virus protection software can scan your email, attachments, and downloads for worms.

A worm is a program that can copy itself from computer to computer. Worms spread over the Internet and infect other machines through computer networks. A worm usually enters a computer network through a security hole in the network software or operating system.

A worm is different from a virus because it does not require you to open an infected email attachment or download a corrupted file in order to spread across the Internet. A worm can spread itself across the Internet through computer networks completely on its own.

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