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What is spyware?
Spyware is software that monitors your activity on the Internet and then transmits this information to a third party without your knowledge or consent.

Spyware can gather information about your email addresses, banking information, passwords, credit cards, and the Web sites you have visited. It can even record every keystroke you type and then transmit it in the background to a third party.

The third-party company can use this information for marketing purposes or sell it to another party. In most cases, you will have no idea this information was gathered or transmitted.
Figure depicting spyware
Types of spyware include Trojan horses, home page hijackers, and Web dialers.


Spyware varies from annoying advertising banners that slow your computer's processing speed to insidious programs that steal your credit card information or charge thousands of dollars of long distance calls to your phone number.

Types of spyware include Trojan horses, home page hijackers, and Web dialers.

How can I protect my computer from Spyware in the future?
Several of the latest versions of antivirus software also protect against spyware. Configuring these programs to scan all activities while your computer is running and scheduling regular scans of your hard drive can greatly reduce the threat of spyware infecting your computer.

Secondly, many types of spyware are included in freeware or shareware software bundles downloaded from the Internet. You can greatly reduce the likelihood of a spyware infection by downloading files only from Web sites that carefully screen and test every program before making it available for downloading.

How can Verizon Online help me remove spyware?

For spyware protection, consider purchasing one of Verizon Online's products (for a monthly fee): Verizon Internet Security Suite or Premium Technical Support. Both products provide spyware protection against unwanted programs that gather and transmit private information without your permission.


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How can I remove spyware from my computer?
How can I protect my computer from spyware?
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