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What is a homepage hijacker? When you open your Web browser, your default Internet home page displays automatically. Homepage hijackers are Web sites or software programs that change your default Web browser home page without your permission.

Because many advertisers pay the marketing company each time a customer accesses a specified Web page, changing your Internet home page can generate additional revenue for them. Unless you reset your default Internet home page, the company continues generating advertising revenue each time you open that page.

Homepage hijacker software is commonly included in spyware that you may unknowingly download within freeware or shareware bundles.

How can I prevent Home Page Hijacking?

The Verizon Internet Security Suite includes anti-spyware software that you can use to remove the spyware responsible for changing your home page. By paying an additional monthly fee for the Verizon Internet Security Suite, you can regularly scan your computer and remove any spyware that is found.

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