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What is a Web dialer? A Web dialer is a spyware program that resides on your computer and calls numbers in other parts of the country or world without your consent. Web dialers often call chat lines in the middle of the night to escape detection. You may discover you have a web dialer only when the next phone bill arrives, and you have thousands of dollars in long distance charges for calls you didn't make.

Web dialers, like other types of spyware, are often included in freeware or shareware bundles downloaded from the Internet.

What can I do to remove a Web Dialer?

Because most Web Dialers are spyware, you can remove a web dialer by scanning your hard drive using the anti-spyware software included in the Verizon Internet Security Suite. By paying an additional monthly fee for the Verizon Internet Security Suite, you can regularly scan your computer and remove spyware that may act as Web Dialers.

How can I protect my computer from Web Dialers?

The Verizon Internet Security Suite also includes firewall software that helps to block unauthorized outgoing Internet traffic and stop web dialers. The Verizon Internet Security Suite requires an additional monthly payment.

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